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Too Fast, Too Soon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/05/12/too-fast-too-soon


Our responsibility has to be to oppose this criminal system and the multi-headed Hydra it produces. It is going to require much from each of us and why non cooperation may have to be our last resort.


If Trump is re-elected maybe we should consider adding a Mc Donalds to the White House, add a brothel wing to replace the Epstein service, I’m sure we can think of others. Better than spending millions of dollars as the truth comes out anyway. We could call it the purple new deal. Don’t forget to pick up a few body bags and a commemorative coin at the gift shop.


The one point these goons forgot to figure into their re-openings is that a lot of people will ignore the openings up and just stay home. You will see a LOT of businesses closing back up over the next couple months BECAUSE THEY CAN’T STAY OPEN at a low capacity use.


Yes, non-cooperation–with the hydra–but total cooperation with our friends and neighbors, at a level of solidarity not seen in this country since the Great Depression. If we’re going to call ourselves socialists, it would behoove us to act like socialists–let’s feed each other while we starve the hydra.


Time to bring back rent parties. Time to bring back barter as a means of obtaining necessities. You have plenty of home-grown tomatoes. I can mend your clothes or make new ones. I can teach you new computer skills while you can turn my lawn into a garden. I can educate your children and you can do my laundry. The point will be to get to know our neighbors virtually for now, and see what skills we all have and discuss how to use them as a comity. The good people of Ladakh in the high Himalayas near Kashmir have lived this way for thousands of years. Indigenous peoples here on Turtle Island also lived this way. By giving back to Mother Earth what she has generously given us for hundreds of thousands of years will do much to restore the great imbalance.
Species that have learned cooperation with other species survive. Those that compete die out.


I agree, even taking your idea a couple of steps further.

States opening too soon WILL result in spiking of deaths, and the consumers will see this.

I don’t see a lot of smart people headed for Florida or Texas right now.
And a lot of money comes from those touristas.

Start spiking again, and your state will be on the “avoid at all costs” list.
Cruises, full stadiums, meat rack bars/gyms from hell, these are all going nowhere.

This BS is self defeating.
The Virus is smarter than these politico hacks.


The only natural way to live.


So the fix is in…WP is running a story on Nebraska health officials…

As of the first week of May, public health officials reported 96 infections at the Tyson plant in Madison, 237 at the JBS plant in Grand Island, and 123 arising from the Smithfield plant in Crete.

Then, as the numbers continued to rise, the state stopped releasing them…

Gov. Pete Ricketts announced at a news conference last week that state health officials would no longer share how many workers have been infected at each plant.
He recommended that local health departments withhold the case counts unless they get permission from the plants.

Shortly after The Post story was published, however, Tyson and Elkhorn Logan Valley health officials announced the results of testing at the company’s plant in Madison, Nebraska.

Of the employees and contractors who work there, 212 tested positive for the coronavirus,


Here is a good story of human solidarity in NYC:

This couple is delivering backpacks with pandemic supplies to N.Y.C.'s homeless

With their nonprofit, Backpacks for the Street, they’re crisscrossing the city in a rented U-Haul delivering masks, gloves, sanitizer and other essentials.