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Too Hot for Heller: First "Moderate" Republican Cracks on Senate Trumpcare Plan


Too Hot for Heller: First "Moderate" Republican Cracks on Senate Trumpcare Plan

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) appears to be the first Republican to acknowledge publicly what more than two-thirds of Americans voters (according to polls) already understand—that the Trumpcare proposals put forth by the GOP are simply too aggressive in their attack on the sick and vulnerable.


Let the flow from the crack-cum-hole in the dike begin!!! Like the Melissa Etheridge song says: "Everbody's Gotta Pulse." http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/melissaetheridge/pulse.html

I am human, I am love
And my heart beats with my blood
Love will always win
Underneath the skin
Everybody's got a pulse.

And hopefully even more recalcitrant GOP folks will get in touch with their "pulse" and its source and be motivated by real "care" and compassion for mankind.


Listening to Rand Paul, this morning MSNBC I can understand why we are in such a sewage hole with health care. Why the Ayn Rand sycophants are so taken by the adolescent wet dream of an Ayn Rand style health care system is truly beyond mature understanding. Health care has never, is not now, and will never respond to private market forces. Can you shop around for a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation or go to Wall Mart for eye glasses? SURE. But if you survive getting run over by a bus in New York city? Good luck. The follw0ing add pretty much says it all in 30 seconds


And those self-same sycophants PROVE their RETARDATION in the fact that Ayn Rand availed her retarded self of SOCIAL SECURITY when the idiot itself got too old to support itself w/o those benefits! It is way beyond time to SANITIZE our filthy government; i,e,: DUMP. THE. GARBAGE.!


Though I like you're posts, don't be fooled, this isn't about a pulse, its about reelection.


True...but being hopeful sometimes eases the pain.


As I said to Heller's office yesterday, his comments are the sound of a politician who is ok with the policy, but doesn't like the political COST of supporting it.

If he wants any credit for opposing this, I told him, he needs to be specific on what he will not support - and the issue is
tax cuts for the rich paid for by taking money out of healthcare.

His current position, while better than supporting the bill, isn't even close to anything needed.


The politician wants you to feel 'hope' about them - without actually doing the right thing.

Oppose any politician who doesn't DO the right thing - and that means ANY current Republican.




Hew Hewitt said today if Heller votes against the bill he will lose his re-election. The RICH want this bill-------people need to WAKE up---this is a war against the bottom half of this country. The bottom half need to understand they are owners not slaves.

Trump is leading one of the biggest thefts in history-----people will live in pain and die because of this theft by Trump,republicans,and helped by democrats.SUPPORT THE COMMONS!



As the educated upper-half of society is so dishonest as to hoard all the land and wealth, the most honest way to resolve this issue is for the rich ruling-class, the 25% most wealthy, to pay the cost of giving everyone free healthcare. But, the rich refuse to do it.

Next most honest way would be for the upper-half of society to pay a living wage to the impoverished laboring-class lower-half. But, employers refuse to do it.

Next most honest way would be for everyone to stop eating the average American diet of 50% fat. For it clogs up every internal organ of the body and is the root cause of over 95% of all illness. But, not hardly a single eater agrees to do it.

Absolute last most honest way would be if the purpose of this world was to reach the ultimate conclusion of everyone loving to be rich, and loving to eat food that taste sinfully rich.


Good enough.


Pulse; except for former vp cheney when he had that mechanical heart & no pulse !


My slow of thought laboring-class, we the lower-half of society, how can you call us "owners"?

Does not the 51% most wealthy own all the land, wealth and political power in this so called democracy?


As life is a free gift from nature that we do not deserve, as we who destroyed nature deserve nothing but death, the idea of ownership is a fake morality. For we own nothing, everything we have belongs to those who have less and most guilty should we feel if ever we fail to give all we can give.


No, it is not the purpose of the whole world, mostly just Merca and the Mercans.


Hello illusion, Not the bottom half but the bottom 90+% they are going after. They want peons, peasants, serfs and or slaves! Pick you choice of the four as soon they won't mean much as the wealthy will treat us as replaceable, disposable interchangeable nothings!!!!!!


The truth is this. The Republicans may pass this bill but the democrats, if they ever get to power, will never repel it. Heads I win, tails you lose. This is how crony capitalism works these days.


Exactly! So I suppose shopping for a cancer treatment for your kid, is not the same as shopping for a new dishwasher?


This is following the same trajectory as the House bill. Some of the radical right of he R's say they oppose it, some "moderate" R's say they oppose it, they pretend to tweak it, and voila! it is passed. I agree with the sentiment expressed by some that it is mostly political theater. You can bet that 99% of the conversation going on between and among the R's right now is all about solidarity, and hardly any of it is about healthcare for US citizens.

I also believe that there is no guarantee that one or several Democrats might not defect. I don't trust any of these bastards to do the right thing. The "right thing" would have to be under debate, but what we've got is one proposed lousy fucking bill to replace another lousy fucking bill. Only the best government that money can buy.