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'Too Little, Too Late': Critics Denounce Trump-Linked Energy Firm's Apology for Puerto Rico Threat

'Too Little, Too Late': Critics Denounce Trump-Linked Energy Firm's Apology for Puerto Rico Threat

Julia Conley, staff writer

Whitefish Energy threatened to end its work on Puerto Rico's power grid in light of mayor's questions about transparency


Those afflicted with the mental illness of insatiable want are unable to see their own traitorous criminality.


The corruption, nepotism, and cronyism inherent in this obvious insider deal is absolutely mind-boggling. It’s like something right out of Putin’s Russia, Temer’s Brazil, or Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. People have risen up and replaced their governments for less!

But here in the United States of utter dementia, probably only one in a thousand has even heard of this deal, and of that thousand, 995 are utterly dead-stupid-clueless as to the impropriety of it…


So this is what ethical behavior looks like. Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of San Juan. Cheers!!!


I vote to have Trump dragged and screaming to a jail cell for his high crimes and misdemeanors, and the Mayor of San Juan installed as our new President.


Correction, the last part should read: “and out of a thousand of them, 995 are utterly dead-stupid-clueless…”

And it just occurred to me that with these levels of corruption, we should be seeing suspicious murders of investigative journalists and activists like is seen in Russia, Mexico, and Honduras, except that the US media is in such a pathetic state that there aren’t any investigative journalists that the gangster-capitalists would need to put a contract on.

Oh, there’s Robert Parry and some others on “Counterpunch”, but they are pro-Trump/Putin for all practical purposes…


Although there is a big problem with no bid contracts, I hope this doesn’t turn into a conflagration between public and private. Sometimes one, the other or both working together is the best solution.

A good example is Elon Musk’s silent accomplishments on bringing renewable energy to the Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico and to other islands and countries.

Let the people decide, not the politicians who stand to profit personally.

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This should be a major scandal! It is yet one more example of the mindset of this administration, this congress, their loyal supporters and Republicans mostly. We are all regarded as marks to be tricked, lied to and cheated. The awarding of lavish contracts is just one of many ways in which public funds are used to enrich the well-connected. The “no-bid” part makes it obvious from the start. This is just the latest insult. The illegal invasion of Iraq was/is famous for huge no-bid contracts gifted to the favored friends of the Bush/Cheney administration, for poor-quality work at that.

The “Shock Doctrine” effects are real and growing. This wealth transfer is, and will continue to be, financed by austerity measures as well as the neglect of infrastructure investments for the well-being of the people. They will not call them austerity measures, of course, and neither will the captured MSM. They will arrive with names that sound reasonable, such as “Tax Reform”.

There is a Class War in progress, and the 90% have been steadily losing for some time. Now it is being escalated.

Watch how Puerto Rico is being treated/cheated. There you will get a glimpse of what is yet to come for the rest of us, unless fundamental changes occur.


The Gilded Age (between the Civil War and WW One) with all its graft, corruption, wholesale abuse of labor and the environment, racism/Jim Crow, KKK, monopolization of transportation (rail/water/wagon), and usurpation of natural resources (wood, minerals, oil, etc.) orchestrated by the wealthy including Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Mellon, Carnegie, etc. is “small beans” or kindergarten in comparison with the GRAB/GRAFT/GREED/CORRUPTION of the present, which circles the globe in its vast corporate hegemony (including the president, his cabinet, and Congress being major players).


Parry is an inveterate Putin apologist…bought and paid for.


Yes, and with my addendum comment, all the up-voting of my earlier comment has come to a screeching halt…

“Whitefish Energy threatened to end its work on Puerto Rico’s power grid in light of mayor’s questions
about transparency.”

Translation: "If you question us we will leave you to Die!"


Another: "What We’ve Got Here Is a Failure To Communicate."


In one of their twits, Whitefish said that they have been working all over the US for 35 years. Given that they only have two employees, that seems a bit difficult. And that they’ve never undertaken anything even a fraction as big and complicated as this says just what you can expect.

And as far as their “apology” goes, no, your twits reflected exactly who you are. The first time is the reality. Anything afterward is a coverup.

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And when a “site manager” in PR was interviewed by CNN and asked why his company was chosen, he replied, “We have done extensive work in mountainous regions over rough terrain.” All these charlatans were thoroughly briefed on what to say including being given scripts to memorize in the event they were questioned by the press. Zinke and his pals are already spending the 300 million$$$ and if/when they are caught, it will all have mysteriously disappeared.