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Too Little, Too Late for US Decision on Settlements


Too Little, Too Late for US Decision on Settlements

César Chelala

The United States’ abstention on the UN Security Council (UNSC) anti-settlement resolution is a serious blow to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy of annexation in the West Bank. Israel’s Prime Minister Bureau stated that, “Israel rejects the contemptible, anti-Israel UN resolution and will not subordinate itself to it.” This action, the first openly critical and possibly effective one on Israel’s policy came, however, too late to be of long-term significance and will not probably advance the prospects for peace in the region.


I think it is important that the UN reaffirmed its commitment to the two-state solution. There has been an erosion in the belief that this solution is still possible. However, there doesn't appear to be any peaceful alternative. But how a two-state solution could be brought about and made to work is difficult to envision.


The extremist and racist government of Israel, all their products and services must be boycott by every person and nation with any sense of justice, concern for International Law, anti-racist beliefs and just ordinary common decency - Boycott, Divest, and Sanction this outlaw state to force compliance with International Law, UN Resolutions, and International Court decisions!

It occurs to me the similarity between this state and its leaders, and the incoming US prez - neither will speak or recognize truth, and neither cares for anything but their own interests.

The Israeli state has been one of, or the prime mover for endless ME/NA wars and destabilization they use to mask and divert attention from taking territory under occupation by force - the MO when any opposition is expressed is to shout "anti-Semite", attack and berate any that oppose or criticize their arrogant warmongering, racist exceptionalism, and ethnic cleansing - their intentional attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, home demolitions, using banned and indiscriminate weapons against civilians, constitute war crimes in Gaza! Israel never had any intention for a just peace or two-state solution! The Israeli mindset holds zero respect for any others, especially Palestinians, only racist contempt and a delusional self-proclaimed superiority and exceptionalism!

Complete annexation of the Occupied Territories has been the goal, admitted by early Zionist leaders. The open subversion of the US, our Congress, politics and elections, and foreign policy, aided and abetted by US lap dogs and traitors that hold first loyalty to a foreign state, is the Israeli agenda that should never be tolerated!

The craven timidity of the Obama Administration to stand-up to Israeli racism and expansionism only encouraged vastly increased illegal settlement expansion. The power Israel has over our politics is shown conclusively by that power to subvert and control our sovereignty and foreign policy - that treasonous domination will only get worse under the trump regime........................


And here is a link: https://bdsmovement.net

A good book to read on Israel by an Israeli is: My Promised Land by Ari Shavit


True especially by facts on the ground with no contiguous land between Gaza and the West Bank, not to mention the dotting of the West Bank with Israeli settlements. Why not a one state solution with both peoples with equal rights and responsibilities to one another, Israel-Palestine with UN peace keepers present until the full transitioning to this state? Something on the model of Belgium? "I know that I am a dreamer but I'm not the only one..."


The Israelis are pathological liars that have with premeditation misrepresented and altered history for their own goals - notably the expansion of what was taken by force in 1948 to become "Israel" to include most all of what was left of historic Palestine by illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories after 1967.
The expulsion of Palestinians from about 400 villages in 1948 and their immediate destruction was done so "there would be no place to come home to" - that included the Deir Yassin massacre by Jewish terrorist groups! THAT has been the Zionist/Israeli MO ever since!

EVERYTHING Israelis do is geared to changing history and justifying their ethnic cleansing of Palestine to create lands to be for Jews only! From historical propaganda claiming "ownership" to denying the legal place of indigenous Arab populations in Palestine for many generations - Israelis have attempted to justify ordinary theft of territory by force is expressly outlawed!




http://www.ifamericansknew.org/history/origin.html - a brief history of Palestine