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Too Many Black Bodies

Too Many Black Bodies

Enough Is Enough Redux: This week, it's Louisiana's decision not to charge two white cops who killed Alton Sterling, a black father of five. Last week, it was two white Sacramento cops blasting 20 bullets into Stephon Clark for standing in his own yard with a cell phone. Both killings were widely viewed as "executions." Both left anguished, keening, enraged families who see no justice on the horizon because, notes Sterling's truth-telling aunt, "This is white America."

To paraphrase Frank Zappa…I ain’t black but there’s been a whole lot a times I wish I weren’t white.

This is such a terrible, terrible problem. It’s hard to see when or why it will stop. Very demoralizing.

The cops got away with murder? Gee, what a shocker. Honestly, does anyone ever believe it will ever turn out any differently? It never has, and it never will.

I’ll say it yet again: until fed-up citizens begin taking matters into their own hands, and dispensing justice to these pigs, the system is never going to do it, and these murders will continue. Oops. Did I just write that?

I meant to say: vote Democrat! Make signs and protest! Sign petitions!

Just some persepctive. In Canada the Homicide rate is 1.68 per 100000. In the USA it 4.88 The USA is about 3 times higher per 100,000.

In Canada about 1.5 people killed by the police on average per year. In the USA it closer to 1500. If you adjust for population size this would put Canada at around 15 per year killed by the police relative to the USA. Where the overall homicide rate is around 3 times higher in the USA the number of people killed by cops is about 100 times higher in the USA.

I expect these numbers are even more pronounced when comapred to other countries of what is called the “Developed world”. The USA is a Police State and their police are seriously out of control.

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