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Too Much Blood: Activists Walk When Alabama Pol Uses Selma Remembrance To Praise Voting Restrictions


Too Much Blood: Activists Walk When Alabama Pol Uses Selma Remembrance To Praise Voting Restrictions

Shameless Inc: Someone should tell Alabama's Secretary of State and other clueless Repubs it's not cool to use the anniversary of perhaps this country's most famous civil rights march - followed by perhaps its most violent police response - to talk up the greatness of photo IDs and other voter suppression tactics targeting the descendants of those marchers. Among those walking out was the Rev. William Barber, because “too much blood is on the pews of that church and in these walls for us to sit there and not at least say, ‘Excuse me...you’re wrong.'”


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The words of the fool, (Alabama’s GOP Secretary of State) John Merrill, must have been about as welcome to Rev. Barber, the Rev. Jackson and the other civil rights activists, as those of Patrick Henry were to his slaves almost 250 years ago.

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!" How can we ever come to grips what that meant, when spoken by someone who "owned" large numbers of his fellow human beings?

All these years later, politicians struggle (or not) to improve, mostly unsuccessfully. They still represent power - sheer, naked, brutal power, and the corruption that inexorably attends to it.

Morality is all but extinct, having been entrusted to the incompetent stewardship of religions. It's a human construct, after all, and we need to fix it and start using it again.

So here's a proposal for Rule #1: If you are too stupid (or otherwise unwilling or unable) to understand - and apply - the Golden Rule, then you are too stupid (or otherwise unqualified) to be in any sort of position of power.

How that would apply to you, John Merrill: You would not like your voting rights abridged, so don't do it to anyone else. Likewise, you would not appreciate being pontificated to by a scurrilous hypocrite, so don't do that, either.

It won't be easy to give up all that privilege, for sure, but don't you think it will feel great to be less of a creep?

You'll never know if you can do it unless you try...


We're still living in a time when racist bigots are voted into office and then elevated to an even higher level by appointment to leadership by the fake president. We have Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell and others still being hailed as good old boys and put into powerful positions within their Party. An ALL STATE focused action to inform is required, but we cannot let up ever, if we expect to keep people acting in their own best interests. Voters lose interest very quickly. We must constantly bring up the lies, the racism, and the blind hatred we see coming out of the actions of these men and their cohorts. I mean just think about Mitch McConnell still winning elections. The man is a living example of an 1776 mentality towards everyone who is not white and male and rich. He's done nothing for years now but block any legislation that would have been helpful to the working class, the poor, seniors and students.


This is true because most people think of "politics" as something to tune in to every two or four years. Our supposed "power" in voting is self-defeating immediately in that it is a conduit to forfeit all personal opinion and energy towards creating a better society into one simulacrum of a person/politician, swiftly followed by a uniquely american cocktail of indifference, amnesia, and fervent defense.


The citizens tire very quickly. They are overworked, under paid, overwhelmed with the horrible conditions they see our bad politicians creating more of every day. The lack of ethics is enough to discourage anyone. That's what the politicians count on.


" The lack of ethics is enough to discourage anyone."

True, but nothing new. This goes back to ancient times. The ancient Greeks invented the word politics, which translates to: POLI, WHICH MEANS MANY, AND TICS, WHICH MEANS BLOOD SUCKING LEECHES!


We must all recognize the ground truth that voting is an END STAGE of organizing and exercising political power.

For voting to function democratically, voters must be organized not for elections, but for the exercise of political power, using a wide range of movement-building, solidarity, and nonviolent resistance tactics, including: labor organizing, strikes, sit-ins, boycotts, blockades, other interventions, media / propaganda / education, door-knocking, meetings, public meetings / town halls, etc.

The idea that electioneering represents key battles on the "front lines" of our democratic political organizing, is part of the establishment mythology that we should spit out.

If we never recognize that our power as citizens must be established by organized effort in multiple forms throughout society and the economy, then our electioneering will continue to be swatted aside as it is, by the power and strategy of organized wealth.

Only when we can function as an organized social economic and political force, rather than as amorphous and atomized "consumers" and "voters," will the end-game of "representative democracy" have any real value for exercising popular control over the political economy.

The social democratic reforms of the New Deal would never have been created without the mass mobilization of independent political strength by communists and socialists of the early 20th century. The liberal reforms of the 1960s and 1970s would never have been instituted without the power of the Civil Right's Movement, the Women's Movement, the Antiwar Movement, and the threat of the New Left.

We need to get clear about what it takes to win genuine democratic reform, and with our eyes on the prize, keep our main focus on the steps that can actually get us there.


That moron has it backwards. You need automatic registration specifically because many people don't go down and register--whether it's apathy, poverty, disability, lack of transportation, forgetfulness, whatever. That way, you ensure their rights are protected.


Ahhh, Dixie! The vampire that will never die. "...old times there are not forgotten......"


Thanks - I needed that!