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Top 10 Reasons to Continue Donations to Bernie Sanders


Top 10 Reasons to Continue Donations to Bernie Sanders

RoseAnn DeMoro

Don’t mourn, organize.

That testament by labor troubadour, organizer, agitator Joe Hill, from his Utah jail cell to Industrial Workers of the World leader Bill Haywood can inspire us again today.

The phenomenal Bernie Sanders campaign for President has ended. But the legacy of the stunning achievements lives on.


If I have anything left over after Clinton is defeated I'll think about it. Sanders has claimed he's leaving the Democratic Party and I'd have to see evidence that he has as well before I'd send him anything.


Bernie Sanders: Silence On Election Fraud And Abuse of Convention Delegates is Deafening - YouTube

" They both lead to the same road to hell" - Sane progressive


Bernie made his choice. He could have led a revolution and been a stimulus for real change, but he decided to stay with the oligarchs instead.

No way will I ever donate a penny to him again.


Sorry! I posted then looked, but well done.


Green Party candidate Jill Stein announces Ajamu Baraka as VP running mate

"Ajamu Baraka is an internationally recognized human rights activist, organizer and geo-political analyst. Founding Executive Director of the US Human Rights Network (until 2011) and Coordinator of the U.S. based “Black Left Unity Network’s” Committee on International Affairs, Baraka has served on the boards of various national and international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International (USA) and the National Center for Human Rights Education. He has served on the boards of the Center for Constitutional Rights; Africa Action; Latin American Caribbean Community Center; Diaspora Afrique; and the Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights."


I have no doubt that progressives will "welcome him as an integral part of what comes next" as soon as Sanders quits the Clinton campaign of which he is now knee deep in.

If Clinton wins and accelerates our flight to neofeudalism, Sanders will go down in history as more a pied piper than "most progressive major candidate ever".


Senator Sanders did not receive the Presidential nomination, however that is only half the battle.The other half is to revolutionise Congress. Bernie should extend his influence to getting Congressmen of integrity elected.

The political powers of both parties have yet to acknowledge or recognise the fundamental ethic behind the popularity of both Sanders and Trump: the American people are simply tired of Politics as Usual. To not extend The Revolution into Congressional races would be to miss a rare opportunity to clean up Congres.

The reason we Sanders Revolutionaries could have a real effect on Congressional election outcomes is that most elections are decided by a few percentage points and a concerted vote by a relative few can decide the contest. Considering the number of votes, both Democrat and Republican, Bernie got in the primaries; he has an extremely powerful tool at his disposal; upwards of 20%-25% of the electorate. The problem is which candidates to focus on.

On his web page Bernie could have his recommendations for each Congressional seat up for grabs this election season. Imagine a spreadsheet type page: One would click on one’s State then any of the Candidates. The spreadsheet columns would have Bernie's’ recommendation and the candidate's’ position on the critical issues etc.. Whatever variation on this theme is fine; the point being that it focuses Bernie’s revolution on Congress, which is actually more critical to effecting change than is the Presidency.

Whether the subject is the 1%, and their unfair share of the national wealth, inaction on Climate Change, True Election Reform (TEF) or other critical issues we will not get action until Special Interest Influence is removed from Congress. Only the Voters can change the mentality of Congress. Congress writes the election laws and only our elected representatives can change them. Hence the primary criterion on Bernie’s spreadsheet would be: “does this candidate believe in True Election Reform”?.

As an Independent Bernie can ignore partisan politics and make the Congressional Candidate's attitude and commitment to TEF the criterion for his recommendation. This is nothing more than the candidates foregoing an action that in most Democracies is illegal. Under more moral standards 90+% of the members of the US Senate and House of Representative would be in jail.

This is rare opportunity to actually make our votes meaningful. I hope Senator Sanders will stay with the program and make it happen.


The Democratic party DNC DLC wing, establishment party hacks, made their own beds when they sabotaged Sanders (and millions) and stole the primary and nomination via frauds - culminating in the charade convention "unity"! Rewarding such corrupt fraudulent politics designed to perpetuate the status quo and smash our political revolution is not acceptable for millions!


“The Democratic party clearly doesn’t really care for the Bernie supporters and our stances, so we might as well work for a party that will.”
“I think I would regret more voting for her (Clinton) than I would voting for Jill and then possibly risking a Trump presidency,”

“Because it condones all of the rigging and the fraud that went on and you’re letting go of the prime opportunity to push forward a third party.”

"I am concerned that the DNC elected Hillary in the first place. Because they [Trump and Clinton] are either tied or she’s even losing in some polls. Whereas Bernie consistently beat Trump by double digits [in hypothetical match-up polls]. We could win the House and the Senate back with those kind of numbers.”

"“Voting for Jill at this point is continuing his revolution,” she said. “I don’t want a two-party system any more. I don’t think it’s fair.

“I think by me voting for the third-party candidate, along with millions of other Bernie supporters, it will maybe show that the third party is possible in the future.”


I have not been on Sander's web site since his capitulation to the fraudulent DNC and the epitome of oligarchy, greed and lust for power that is HRC.

This article did not convince me (not even close) to contribute to Sanders.

What are we contributing to? There is nothing on his web site (from what I could tell) that indicates where that money would go.

The least he could do is have an accounting of all the (shall we say it together: "27 dollars!!") money that came to him from people who probably have very little to NO savings. Where did it go? Where will more contributions specifically go?

He hasn't even updated the "news" or "issues" portion of his web site.

Nothing on what is happening in Libya, nothing on all the climate disasters that are unfolding daily and nothing on progressive candidates.

Where is the money that we gave? If he really wanted "transparency" in politics, then we should see a thorough accounting of every cent that has been spent on his campaign and a fact sheet on where the rest is to be allocated.


Ok folks----honesty test:

How many people here have heard of Ajamu Baraka?

I listened to his speeches on you tube last night----eloquent, wise and profound.

I read his blog that contains brilliant articles.

But I will admit here on CD: I've never heard of him before.
Isn't name recognition worth something? The "election" is in less than 4 months!

Was Cornel West ever considered?


The fact is Bernie is now campaigning for Clinton. I don't want to support that with my dollars. There are progressives still running who can make far better use of the money, Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard, for example.

Post election I will evaluate how Sanders' attempt to get progressives into the Democratic party is working, and if I want to contribute to it.

But for now I'm contributing to progressives who are running for office, not surrogates for Clinton.

Don't pick your poison, pick your cure: Dr. Jill Stein 2016


Yes----so sickeningly true! Did he HAVE to take it THIS far?
No---he did not. It wasn't just a "let's work together to beat Trump"-----it was fawning specifically over HRC.


Where's sdemetri, the "fall in line behind Hillary" guy?


I have that same argument with myself weekly. This week it is Clinton, last week it was Stein and I will go that way until I have the ballot in my hand.
The democrats gave us an awful choice and it will be the fault of the dems if they loose this election. They anointed the most contentious candidate, and they are not in tune with the people or they would of realized that the people are not in for another 8 years of neocon policies and wars.


Thank you RoseAnn, you have been an inspiration. I just donated to Common Dreams and I gave Bernie more than I've ever given one candidate in all my 69 years. I donate to my progressive radio station that we finally got after Clear Channel shut down our voices.


Thank you Ms. DeMoro. I agree if you can afford to continue supporting Bernie and his down line candidates we should. He will never quit working for the people and we need him in the Senate doing great work.
However, I feel that voting and supporting Jill Stein and Bernie (not mutually exclusive) is the thing to do. We need all the true progressives we can get in this revolution and each one needs to do what they can with what they have.
What Sanders has done is historic we will reap the benefits for years to come. We should never pout and blame him for staying where he feels he will have the most opportunities for change. He started this revolution and he will always be in the fight.
I will vote for Jill Stein and still support Bernie as much as I can.


RoseAnn, again thank you. I was going to forward this article to all my friends of which are mainly Bernie supporters but too embarrassed by many of the comments condemning Bernie. People sure jump ship fast. Bernie is an honorable man and he did was he said he would do if he did not get the nomination. Bernie has not given up the fight and he will organize and hopefully state by state which I signed up for but haven't heard from them. It is up to us! and I will continue to believe in Bernie and his mobilization of so many true followers.


The Bernie Sanders I used to know would absolutely want my donation to go to Jill Stein.


I'll continue to support Bernie, and I'm also working and contributing to support Jill Stein. The political revolution continues; Bernie told us it wouldn't be easy, and, like everything else he has said, it's the truth.

Bernie is setting up new organizations (the Sanders Institute, Brand New Congress, Our Revolution, and more to come) to train, support, and organize progressive candidates for office and to educate Americans about the real issues that we face, and why they need to vote in new people in order to achieve our goals. http://www.bustle.com/articles/175270-what-is-the-sanders-institute-bernie-will-help-keep-the-revolution-going

Jill Stein's choice for V.P., Ajamu Baraka, Is "an internationally recognized leader of the emerging human rights movement in the U.S. who has been at the forefront of efforts to apply the international human rights framework to social justice advocacy in the U.S. for more than 25 years." http://www.ajamubaraka.com/about/

He doesn't yet have a lot of name recognition outside of the human rights community, but as a black man who has been organizing, writing and working for human rights in the U.S., he is a great choice for Jill Stein's campaign. He is a good speaker; here he is, speaking at the forum, "Why Can't America Have Human Rights?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6XTF_JG6oY

We don't have to collapse into cynicism and despair, even though the corruption in the Democratic Party leadership is even greater than we had thought. As long as we are resisting the attempts to divide us and tear down our political revolution, we, and Bernie, have power. But as soon as we give in to the calls to succumb to fear and social pressure, our power, and Bernie's, will be gone.