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Top 4 Ways Bush Even More Outrageously Dissed the Intelligence Community


Top 4 Ways Bush Even More Outrageously Dissed the Intelligence Community

Juan Cole

Philip Mudd, former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency counter-terrorist center and FBI National Security Branch, has been on CNN maintaining that there was a big difference between how the intelligence agencies were treated by the Bush administration and how the PEOTUS is treating them. He said that he was grilled on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction by the Republican congress, but that he was treated with respect. He complains that Donald J. Trump is being disrespectful to intelligence professionals.


I'm sure all the readers here at CD's remember how quickly the press "normalized" their coverage of Bush/Cheney. It was as if Bush/Cheney were a couple of well respected businessmen who knew exactly how to run the government. They both promised to trim the fat, lower taxes on the rich and make America great again. American voters re-elected this criminal cabal four years later when the Democrats served up another right wing ideologue (John Kerry) who was dressed up in a liberal costume as Bush and Kerry argued in endless debates of who would slash corporate taxes more. Millions of Progressive Americans stayed at home on election day after the corporate wing of the Democratic Party put the blame of the Bush presidency on all those who voted for Nader the first time around. The Bush dynasty continued and corporate America licked its chops at how successful they were at manipulating the general population. Since that fateful day 16 years ago when the public elected the weak and ignorant Bush to the presidency, our country is no closer to universal healthcare, closing Guantanamo, building high speed rail, fighting global warming or severing ties with ruthless dictatorships around the world. Yet our military budget has doubled since then, fighting an endless string of senseless wars around the globe adding to our daily insecurity from working longer hours for less money in an age when the stock market boasts incredible gains.
What have we learned? Apparently nothing as we now enter what will probably be America's darkest hour. Provided that Trump doesn't follow in HRC's foot steps by picking fights with everyone who resists American corporate hegemony, thereby avoiding a thermo-nuclear war, we should survive the next four years. Then the same question will return to the electorate. Have we learned anything from the last 75 years?


If you have not heard it prior to today, welcome to the 21st century. Anybody who has not been angry for the past two decades has not been paying attention, including Dubya's fourth term that will be wrapping up this month.


Thank you Juan for pulling together again all of the evidence for prosecution against the architects of the Iraq War. Since seeing the news crawler this morning about that jackass Trump "re-vamping the intelligence community because they got it so wrong on Iraq" I've been waiting for an article here addressing this, which is what I'm sure, was your intent.

First and foremost, and which needs little explanation, Trump's outrageous remarks are "just" substituting one lie for another (or one lie for many lies).

Second, prosecution for what? There are two aggrieved parties here: the most harmed is the global community in the immediate personage of the people of Iraq, which saw an aggressor nation abrogate international treaties which itself had helped construct. Most damningly the US launched a war of aggression without any provocation, and the justifications given were all lies by a craven political cabal, not mistakes by the professional intelligence community; the other aggrieved party is the American people, whose nation has been financially bankrupted, morally and ethically disgraced, and many of its sons and daughters killed or maimed for the enrichment of the chief architects of that war under the cover of egregious lies.

If Trump really wanted to fix something (get effing serious) he'd turn all of the criminals over to the world court for prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Concurrently all should be tried here for treason against the people of the US for the aforementioned financial malfeasance, moral depravity, and for the wrongful deaths and mutilations of those it engaged and directed in that criminal enterprise.

They will never of course be detained or prosecuted, but that braying jackass Trump has provided an opening to address this huge festering cancerous lie. Press him on it, insult him, prick his thin skin and make him pick the oozing scab of this most self-inflicted of wounds. Make it possible for America to be great someday. Yeah, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


During the Dubya regime, the two people that I am most disappointed in are almost never mentioned anymore. First, Sandra Day O'Connor - the supreme court justice that was the swing vote in so many situations (situations in which the court could have gone further to the right but that she stopped.) She voted to stop the FL recount. This gave the world Mr. Cheney. Why did she do it? And what ever happened to her? Does she regret her decision or is she making money hand over fist for her complicity?

Second, Colin Powell, who in hind-site was obviously tapped as the controllable fool who could convincingly lie to the entire world. If he really did say (as per the article) "I'm not reading this bullsxxx", then why did he? And what's happened to him? Again, does he regret his lies? Or is he, too, living the high life his payoff is allowing him?

Bottom line is that, unlike any of the rest of the Bush/Cheney cabal, I thought that those two individuals were basically decent people - flawed and imperfect as we all are, but basically decent. What happened to them?


Well said! I am feeling what you just wrote!


One can blame the top of the power structure all one wants and I refer to the power structure in any country or society, but it is the apparatchiki, the little grey men (and these days women) that do the dirty work that enables the top end of power to survive.True from the schoolyard bully to the Chinese empire of today. If they were not complicit through indulging their lust for their little bit of power, for beating up Occupy and the Tienanmin square protesters, then the powerful would have no power....


Thank you for this timely reminder.