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Top 4 Ways the Squad of Young Congresswomen Represent More Americans Than Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/16/top-4-ways-squad-young-congresswomen-represent-more-americans-trump

How ridiculous it is to think that a member of Congress represents all the people of their race! Members of Congress technically represent their constituents but in reality represent everyone who agrees with them.

Does Clarence Thomas, the only black SCOTUS member, represent black Americans?

True diversity - the truly important kind - lies in diversity of thought, not who our ancestors were or our skin tone.

I think a color blind society sounds a lot better than a society fractured along ethnic lines. This is what I try to promote in my conversations.


“Trump voters are elderly. The Squad speaks to the under-50 crowd– a majority 51% of youth aged 10-19 –believe in socialism.”

I don’t know who you see as “elderly,” but I live in Trump Country—we even have a Trump Store on main street. Most, not all, but most, of the people I see wearing those stupid hats and tee shirts are under 50. The pickup-with-gun-rack guys with the Trump bumper stickers are mostly in their 30s.

On the other hand, Bernie Sanders and I are well past 75 and are both socialists, whatever that means today. All my friends over 75 are at the bare minimum FDR Democrats, but would welcome a Sanders presidency.

Stop with the generational bigotry. In the sixties, my generation protested the Vietnam war, waged by the “Greatest Generation” until it ended, but now we are all warmongers and Trump supporters because a handful of over-privileged boomers wanted to get rich off perpetual warfare? This country was founded on war, has subsisted on war for all but 16 years of its existence, and all its soldiers are young people who traditionally vote Republican.

Stop it. Just stop.


I love the SQUAD, because they speak for so many Americans, and I love the fact that just because they are new, they do not believe they should silently wait in line and wait their turn! Like Greta Thunberg, they do see that they must speak now because the political House as well as the Planet house is on fire and burning!

They truly do represent a variety of humans in age, and lifestyle and jobs and futures.I am sad that some of the long time Dems feel that there has to be a pecking order. They really need to hear what a lot of Americans are saying. I see the Squad really speaking for the people that they represent----and that’s a wonderful thing! It’s about time. : )


That’s my new band: Bernie Sanders and the Squad


The “race” and “class” cards are but two cards in Trump’s deck of 52 Jokers. Tasteless Jokers.

So you declined Social Security and Medicare. Good. More for the rest of us.

Well, since socialism is an economic system and not a form of government, you’ll have nothing to worry about then, will you?

I wish I could remember when a government hand in my pocket was telling me what I can and can’t do, go, or be. On the other hand, (not the one in my pocket) I have been stopped by the border patrol on a public highway and told to pullover and submit to a warrantless search of my vehicle. I guess that would be a “capitalist” government thing, so you’d be good with that, eh?

And since you’d rather have the predatory hand of capitalism in your pocket, you can have that. Just don’t make the rest of suffer for your idiotic ideology, especially since I know too many like you who felt exactly the same way “until they needed it.”

One told me: “You bleeding heart liberals make me want to puke.”
That was one or two years before he went on Social Security disability and moved into public housing, because he needed it…

Or the one who went into a hospital and nearly died, then complained that they moved him out of intensive care because he didn’t have insurance. He was a Medicaid recipient who had been opposed to Obamacare and any kind of communist program like Medicaid for the “losers” for his entire life, until he needed it.

Or the one who voted for Trump and every regressive since Nixon and then had to prevail on a doctor to give him tens of thousands of dollars worth of care free based on his having served in the military50 years ago, because he is living on Social Security (oh the irony, right?) and couldn’t afford treatment he desperately needed. Well, better you take free stuff/money away from a doctor than the government…

I could go on, but what’s the point? When you need the handout, you’ll take it just like all the rest, and then vote to cut your own benefits.

Any you call me senile. More irony…?


“Except, um, so far as anyone has been able to prove, Comrade Khrushchev never said any such thing. The quote, which has been used by demagogues to equate liberal/progressive policies with communism ever since the early 1960s, doesn’t appear in Khrushchev’s writings or in the transcripts of any of his speeches, and the only individual who ever claimed to have witnessed the utterance firsthand, Ezra Taft Benson (see update below), gave contradictory accounts of where and when the words were supposedly spoken.” https://www.liveabout.com/bogus-khrushchev-small-doses-of-socialism-quote-3970593

Khruschev did say: “We will bury you,” but I don’t think that was the same thing.

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