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Top 5 Most Horrible Things Trump Said in His Abnormal Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/30/top-5-most-horrible-things-trump-said-his-abnormal-debate


When pressed by Chris Wallace to denounce white supremacists and the neo-Nazi Proud Boys, Trump called on the Proud Boys to “stand back, stand by.” Trump should have finished with: " IN CASE I LOSE THE ELECTION!

I realize it’s hard to limit to 5, but a significant horrible lie that Trump has been saying for a while and continued in this debate was all comments an mail in ballots in an attempt to undermine this method of voting which has the huge advantage of avoiding the whole issue of people standing in line (COVID or not). On this point, at least Biden remembered to counter Trump’s lie about being able to send in ballots days after the election and have them counted (no, they have to be postmarked on election day).

On point 3, I think Cole isn’t covering this as well as he could. Now I had 2 beers in me by the time that regulations and costs were discussed, so maybe my judgement was off, but what I heard was primarily a complaint about vehicle cost going up and only a marginal MPG increase post regulation coming along with it. Cole only talks about energy cost. I was surprised to hear Trump say he liked BEV cars - I suppose he has some Tesla stock or something.

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“Stand back, Stand by and be ready to DIE!!! LOL

geez, a chevy impala nearly $30,000

A jeep at $47,000
(Italians buying Chrysler at bankruptcy auction knew that jeep brand is world wide respected. So, they put it on everything!!

Diminshing returns on MPG can be countered easily by limiting new car production to XX million in USA per year and no imports. Hmmm. Each year there will be fewer autos. And we can even ban gasoline and diesel autos in a city as an experiment. I nominate Chicago.

Start with permitting a household one vehicle city sticker permit. Can drive three days per week, without restriction. Other four days to grocery, doctor, pharmacy only.
Cleaner air. Smite British Petroleum.

Electric cars recharged during third shift have seven day per week permit.
Post office goes all electric inside city. Food delivery to markets is everyday by truck.
Measure results in finance, local economics, safety, increase in public passenger transportations, fewer drive bye shootings (?)

I would dispute Cole’s #2 because trump could actually be right about this. It’s ridiculous to make the claim Cole is making because there are so many things that have been increasing CO2 emissions over time such as the increase in human population, the reduction of forests and the increase in animal agriculture which contributes more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation segment alone. I wish progressives (or liberals) would get over their obsession with blaming global warming entirely on fossil fuels. Obviously fossil fuels are playing a role in this, but I seriously doubt getting rid of all of their usage alone is going to fix this problem.

I neglected to say that I don’t agree with Trump on this - just that I thought this was his main point. When I look at ~https://www.in2013dollars.com/New-cars/price-inflation, it seems clear Trump is wrong:

Between 1953 and 2020: Cars experienced an average inflation rate of 1.67% per year. In other words, cars costing $15,000 in the year 1953 would cost $45,515.37 in 2020 for an equivalent purchase. Compared to the overall inflation rate of 3.44% during this same period, inflation for cars was lower.

I saw another site which put the price of a Model T in 2020 dollars at around $24k and given that was a crap car compared to any modern $20k car in terms of any metric you can think of, it’s pretty clear we came a long way in engineering.

On your other points, I do agree we need to phase out all gasoline cars at some point soon (and thus should start planning for it now). I’ve said I think it’s tough to do this in an individual state like CA, but I’d love to have a president with some foresight (I hope to live to see this) who would realize this.

Deforestation is also an important cause of global warming, for the cutting of trees reduces the “carbon sink” feature of forests.