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Top 5 reasons Roy Moore Could Still Win, Despite Sexual Assault Allegations


Top 5 reasons Roy Moore Could Still Win, Despite Sexual Assault Allegations

Juan Cole

The new charges will unseat him. Won't they?


Having lived there for five years quite a while back, I assert that the number one reason is “Alabama”.


Indifference to sexual assault and/or statutory rape. Indifference to a hostile foreign country interfering with our election process. Speaks for itself.


The US has been happily interfering in the electoral processes of other countries for more than a century, lest we forget, while allegations of “Russian hackers,” until proven beyond a reasonable doubt, may be no more than Democrat blame deflection from its insiders’ own hubristic miscalculations.


Your comment is totally off-topic, but would you still be as dismissive if they were, say, Israeli trolls and hackers influencing an election outcome?


I have trouble getting my mind around a whole large section of the US population who are so ideologically brainwashed and imbecilic that they woiuld actually rally around a political candidate who openly admits to sexually assaulting a 14 year-old girl.

I get dizzy and my ears ring (yeah, anxiety-attack symptoms) just thinking about it.

I did not ask to be born in this madhouse.


We should have not allowed them back into the union after the civil war. They could have formed their own version of South Africa or Rhodesia.


The comment to which I was responding was no less off-topic, and my use of the phrase “until proven beyond a reasonable doubt” could be described as “dismissive” only by one with a dull, rusty Brand D ax to grind. Good luck.


Preventing that was kinda the point in the Civil War. Horace Greeley initially proclaimed “Erring Sisters, Go In Peace”. Abe said, Nah! They never left, said he.


Do you really see him as so different from Trump?


I don’t think we are going to see Putin on trial where “beyond a reasonable doubt” is an issue. Do you also uphold “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard when it comes to allegations Clinton?


And speaking of a dull, rusty Brand D ax…


Reason No. 6: Moore and his ilk will drag these women through the mud, and back again. Woe to these ladies if they have not lived their subsequent lives like absolute saints. Do you know any saints? I don’t. This will be ugly with a capital U. Moore does ugly better than just about anyone.


Trump is awful and misogynistic of course, but he never admitted to child molestation, and the most popular source of news for most USAns didn’t say what he was doing was no different to what St. Joseph did to St. Mary (WTF???)


Are you crazy?


Why not just cut to the chase. Considering the perverse regressives that Alabama voters have been sending to Congress over the years, the only reason I can think of is that Alabaman voters as a whole are basically ignorant and stupid!


BINGO! Professor Cole can sure read the minds of many, if not most, Southern White “Christians”.
I am afraid that he is right about Moore winning, because of the combined effect of the five reasons he gives. I hope Alabamans will prove us wrong, by thinking for themselves finally. If not now, when? What will it take?

  1. Alabama is full of racist, ignorant, stupid, sexist fucking ass holes. Neil Young said it best in his song Alabama in the 60’s and it still applies today. Let’s get an atomic weapon and blow a big fucking hole where Alabama is and at the very least we will be rid of one of the shittiest states in the union.


On Democracy Now this morning…

"On Thursday, Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler attempted to defend Roy Moore, saying, “Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus. … There’s just nothing immoral or illegal here. Maybe just a little bit unusual.”


I judge a publication to a considerable extent by the intelligence of its reader comments and discussion. Thanks for your remarks, Patricia.