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Top 5 Reasons Trump Should Not Get the Nobel Peace Prize

Top 5 Reasons Trump Should Not Get the Nobel Peace Prize

Juan Cole

Rumors are swirling that the Trump administration, i.e. Donald Trump himself, requested from Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe that he nominate Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump no doubt thinks to himself that Obama got this prize and it is completely unfair that Trump hasn’t been awarded it, especially since Trump is at least half American whereas Obama was Kenyan. (Yes, I know it doesn’t matter where you’re from, and also Obama is from Hawaii, I’m just trying to understand the squirrels running around in Trump’s brain case).

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Not big on anything Nobel related these days but holy cow dung!! George Orwell isn’t Rolling in his grave he is up and out jumping around like a maniac… you really cannot make this shit up…


I say it would be fitting for Trump to get it as he meets the committee’s criteria. He is, after all, a war criminal like Obama and Kissinger.


“Grab 'em by the pussy” Trump always thought that he was entitled to the Nobel Piece Prize…


Common Juan do you really believe that Prime Minister Abe nominated an insane idiot like Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Shame on you for swallowing that BS. I have much more respect for Abe then to think he has any favorable opinions of the Bleach Blonde Crazy American.

This is just another one of those fabricated lies to entertain the press corp and falsely try to make the public think he is anything more than a piece of trash.

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I’ll tell you who is LONG overdue for the Nobel Peace Prize, and that is Operation CODE Pink and Medea Benjamin, who act as a very loud and vocal national conscience before Congress and other public bodies. I thought they should have gotten it the year Obama did, and I keep holding out hope they will eventually get their due.


Kissinger and Obama getting Nobel prizes made a mockery of the Nobel prize and demeaned other recipients who made positive contributions to humanity and the environment. A Trump Nobel prize will turn the Nobel prize into a bad joke that should only be discussed on SNL and other comedic venues.


How pathetic can he get? Like a high schooler soliciting votes to become Most Popular in the yearbook. And what does it say about Pwesident Twump’s views of Shinzo Abe that he was picked for the honor of making the nomination??


They still give a prize for “achievements” in economics, which is hilarious in itself—a gaudy codpiece for capitalist propaganda.


So far I can find nothing to disprove what the article stated. I hope you are correct however…

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Kissinger and Obama!


I think that Trump should be nominated for a brand new award.

One in which he alone, is the winner, tiny hands down.

It would be titled, the “Nobel Piece of Shit” Prize.

Maybe, one day he would wish to acknowledge the entire Retribution party, as contributors to his success.


I wouldn’t respect Abe that much, he is an American sycophant after all who refuses to listen to his own people and instead allows Japan to be used as an imperial base for American deployment of the military in Asia. Make no mistake, whoever is the leader of Japan, blindly follows the U.S. government.


The truth is Obama (and Kissinger) should have never won the Nobel Peace Prize. Both of them launched unprovoked wars, supported Israeli apartheid, slaughtered tens of thousands of innocents around the globe, supported corporate terrorism around the globe and propped up ruthless dictatorships from the Middle East to Latin America.
At the time of Obama’s nomination though, it did appear that Obama would close Guantanamo, end the occupation of Iraq and a few other noble gestures. But as it turned out, it was all for show. nevertheless, a few mistakes by the Nobel committee shouldn’t tarnish the prize for ever more.


Calling the prize a peace prize, in the cases of Obama and Kissinger, is so Orwellian! War is peace.

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Please add to #5 re: racist discrimination and Apartheid, that trump actively supports and enables Israeli Apartheid and has been instrumental in the un-Constitutional anti-BDS legislation making their ugly rounds thru America.

The contrast in the roll of a BDS Movement helping to end South African Apartheid and the open subversion of other nations by Israeli Apartheid defenders, shills, “religious” right, and other racists is telling; one nation changed under world pressure via a BDS Movement, the other actively subverts world opinion and a BDS Movement, using the big lie of “anti-Semitism” to further the fantasy racial superiority mental illness.that feeds their crimes in Palestine and the Occupied Territories!


LOL WiseOwl… : ) I was thinking that maybe the Donald doesn’t know the meaning of PEACE, and he thinks the word is spelled PIECE anyway. Always looking for a PIECE of any business, is the Donald. Remember , there’s NO profit in PEACE.
Besides, after Obama got it -------and then deported more people from America ever, and then too -----started wars all over the ME…maybe PIECE also stands for all these body parts that are flying about that land courtesy of America’s insanity. Besides, after Obama, isn’t this Peace Prize just a joke?

HI Pony Boy… I kind of like the idea for the GUANO Award which kind of goes with the Donald’s "shit hole, " nation —and since guano is bat shit , and plus there’s the expression — “batshit crazy,” I think that --guano, shit hole and batshit crazy just fold marvelously into a tri-pronged award that’s making the whole thing just DEVILISHLY wonderful :slight_smile:

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We think alike, you and me.

Hi PonyBoy, so you were a wise ass in school too, and murder on those substitutes too, I bet, : )