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Top 5 Signs Donald Trump Might Be an Effing Moron

Top 5 Signs Donald Trump Might Be an Effing Moron

Juan Cole

Despite whatever Rex Tillerson said or did not say, the evidence is everywhere.


Might be Juan?

The jury is already in on that decision.

Effing, for sure.


Moron - a stupid person. I would say Trump fits that description and it only enhances his political strength with his base. What would hurt Trump would be calling him intellectually brilliant. His base would then see him as part of the elite and turn away to find a another stupid person as a leader. Trump has earned political points with his base by claiming he doesn’t read books, tweeting instead of writing in coherent paragraphs, and gaining a reputation for stupidity by not knowing common things such as what the nuclear triad is. He is a dumbed down president for the dumbed down right wingers who support him. He is the perfect person to lead a fascist takeover. it appears the main goals are to restore white supremacy to its former dominant role and create a theocracy as his followers believe that when the Founding Fathers of the US adopted the values of the enlightenment that is when they off the rails.


Deep down, he’s really shallow.

I first heard this one several decades ago:

As Trump heads from his penthouse to the ground floor, the elevator stops midway and a stunning young woman steps aboard.

Smiling at him, she says, “You know, Mr. Trump, I could push the emergency stop button and give you the blow job of your life in three minutes flat.”

Trump sneers back at her, “Oh yeah? What’s in it for me?”

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Trump-not-my-president: H-e-e-e-e-e-re’s your sign!

It has nothing to do with intelligence. The problem is elsewhere.
Trump biographer explains it best:

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In Puerto Rico you can now get a glimpse of the dystopian future that awaits us all; a combination of global warming disasters and no electricity.


Yeah, but you can’t deny that while he may be ignorant he is stupid as well. Keeping in mind of course that “stupid can’t be fixed”. Add to that mental illness, dysfunctional family of origin, spoiled behavior enabled by the public and the US justice system and you have the equivalent of mixing diesel oil, ammonium nitrate and a spark.


Mr. Cole has picked out just five examples of how stupid our president* with a Pomeranian glued to his skull really is. There are so many other examples that he could have picked five others and no one could argue with him.

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I agree with what you said about Obama. But HRC is quite intelligent, at least in comparison to the general public. She was educated at yale (or Harvard?), has a law degree, etc. And she can debate well (although not necessarily for progressive causes). I actually disagree that trump’s a moron. He’s short-sighted and definitely has psychological disorders (mental, personality), but his debates were not terrible.


I have a box of rocks that haven’t shown much intelligence while they sit on a shelf. Lucky for them, they just sit there, not making moronic statements that could prove they are dumb.
Unfortunately, our fake President shows much less intelligence than that box of rocks whenever he tweets, talks, or pushes the NATO Leader out of his way at the NATO Summit.

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You mean, like, a pointy-headed innalecshul?

I mean when your base is anti-intellectual you don’t want to be associated with that word. Reagan and George W. Bush certainly perfected the ability to not to seem intellectual. Actually that was probably easy for Reagan who.was a professional actor. Since Bush attended an elite prep school and elite universities and grew up in a wealthy family with roots in Maine, I am rather puzzled how he did it. I think Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both tried to appear to be intellectual because of their political bases. Trump seems to have decided that “gutter” language is the way to go to get votes. Just go against all the norms of decency seems to be his strategy. Bannon probably told to imagine he is trying to win the motorcycle gang vote. Apparently it was decided by Trump and Bannon that what the voters really want for president is a nasty brute.

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While I agree that Trump is quite an idiot, all you need to tell that is any 20 seconds of any speech he’s made in the last 2 years. The 5 things listed don’t prove that at all. They were actually quite clever.

Blowing up the Iran agreement and goading N. Korea into becoming even more confrontational and developing nuclear weapons faster fits into the 'sow as much discord as possible" strategy. He then gets to feed the imperial beast, the military-industrial complex, play the war president game, (no criticism allowed and the other half of the corporate duopoly falls in line). It serves the purposes of the right wing for the world to seem like it’s unraveling; people turn to strict father figures (right wing dictators) in emergencies, ceding enormous power out of fear. Whatever the opposition knows about what’s happening, it matters almost not at all to the anti-intellectual, racist, misogynist voters or the oligarchy.

Pulling out of Paris meets many of the right’s goals—pandering, rewarding bribery and following the dictates of the government’s corporate owners, but above all the primary goal of the right, destroying life on Earth out of fear and rage.

His moronic tweets, his intellectually challenged gaffes, the people he puts between him and the public (Ginger Spicer, Stephen “the undead” Miller, and more) all seem like terrible choices and reveal the chaos and intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the administration if not the whole party, but aren’t hated by most who vote for the bunch.

Bush the Lesser was a Yale grad and an idiot; Reagan excelled in the not-knowing-things dept. VP Quayle and the current Lamarhead of the House Science committee come to mind when lack of firing synapses is the topic. And in a country where intelligence is practically a disqualification for holding hi gh office (the only thing worse is having a conscience) Trump may be the greatest recent US politician of all when it comes to being in the shallow end of the gene pool. But smarts is not the problem with any of them, and in this too the current White House resident is the winner. He’s exhibiting all the symptoms of something halfway between Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti-Social PD, what used to be called psychopathy, or sociopathy. Some call it Malignant Narcissism. If you have to have a malignant narcissist in charge of your country and a good part of your world, you want him or her to be the stoopidest, least effective one you can find. However, while in every measurable way all these guys are in the first bunch to arrive at the annual meetings of the Idiot Quorum, they are unconsciously, and those pulling the strings are consciously, diabolically brilliant.


He’s the appropriate president for a country full of selfish hustlers. This is peak Americana, exactly what the bully empire deserves.


I give them no credit at all, except credit for their possession by Wetiko Disease. As I said, they’re all idiots. But their psychological illness is brilliant. It manipulate incredibly successfully, although we have to give equal credit to the system and all the millions of other people in it for co-creating the conditions and containing different parts or aspects of the disease.

I’m sure very little of that is clear but to fully explain would take several books, and to say nothing would be irresponsible. Sorry we’re stuck in the middle.

Agree those are bad, but you left out a lot, and even if you stay with just five, shouldn’t “invited russian spies into Oval Office, blabbed/leaked/burned intelligence to them just to show off how connected he is” be in the top five?
How about rescinding waterways regs, allowing pollution?
In Puerto Rico, should have included playing golf while PR struggles. Hell, how about the cost to taxpayers for all his golfing, weekends, travels.

Five can’t begin to paint the terrible picture.
Finally realized, we are living in a B-movie now, with terrible actors, and worse scriptwriters. No president in any decent film would (as just happened) as he gathers reporters while he stands with the top folk of the armed forces, brags about the US military might, and says things like “this is the calm before the storm” and when asked what that meant…“you’ll see”

“You’ll see”???

I completely agree. America is in massive decline in every single area you can name, but the biggest and most obvious are the stupidity, apathy, and selfishness of its citizenry. Blame whatever/whoever you like for that - the media, the educational system, movies, video games, neoliberalism, etc. - but there are plenty of us (all of us on the left side of the spectrum) who have not succumbed to it and still see clearly and actually care about what matters. So if millions of us can, I don’t have a hell of a lot of sympathy for the moronic twits who don’t. The unfortunate side effect, however, is that all of the rest of us must suffer the consequences along with the idiots who deserve it.

Addendum: with Trump’s latest ominous remark made yesterday about “the calm before the storm” after his meeting with the Pentagon about North Korea and Iran - and when asked what he meant by that remark by a reporter, Trump responded, “You’ll see” - I think we are all fooked, those deserving and not.


The late, great Gil Scott-Heron wrote an incendiary song about the president he called “Raygun,” called “B-Movie.” The more things change, and all that…

Quite telling, isn’t it? By which I mean that portion of the population that resents intellect (not genius, but at least as high an E.Q. as an I.Q) more than they resent extreme wealth and privilege. Elite, to them, seems to mean being smarter than average and truly behaving as such in terms of common sense and in relationship to those less fortunate.