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Top 5 Signs Trump Doesn’t Actually Care About Iranian Protesters


Top 5 Signs Trump Doesn’t Actually Care About Iranian Protesters

Juan Cole

"Sympathizing with working people facing increased prices is not Trump's brand, and it is rich for him to pretend to care about them."

U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman


Tweetle-Dumb caring about ANYONE other than Himself — and MAYBE his “Datable” Daughter —
That’ll be The Day!!


You can bet that if we took to the streets in protest, say, to the “Tax Reform” swindle, we would be treated at least as harshly as Iranian protesters.


The only thing Trump is interested in doing is puffing himself up to attract attention. Even better, if he can start a war, he gets to look “presidential” and attract even more attention.


It seems that the Don “doesn’t actually care” about anything other than his personal enrichment and increasing power.


Trump can never look presidential, only like the Peacock he is.


Bingo! You win the prize of your choice!


Methinks I detect a spelling error: Tweetle-Dumb is merely a pee-cock, not a Peacock . . .


Donald Trump – along with most of Washington’s elected officials – has a fixation on the financial (re-election) support available from within both the USA’s wealthy Jewish and (so-called) Christian Zionist communities. Realization of both groups’ mutual goal of a totally Jewish State-cum-World Power in the Middle East (and The Second Coming) is predicated upon the destruction and balkanization of ALL Arab and Persian nation-states from the Nile Valley to the Euphrates River and from the Mediterranean down into Sudan & Somalia. So far we have destroyed Iraq; we are working to destroy Syria; and we have Iran squarely in our bomb-sights. Re: “Greater Israeli Plan” & “USS Liberty Attack”: Google both & read within the context of US Middle East Foreign Policy for the past 60+ years.