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Top 5 Things for Which We Should be Grateful to Arabic Writing


Top 5 Things for Which We Should be Grateful to Arabic Writing

Juan Cole

When a teacher in rural Augusta county, Virginia, decided to expose her students to the Arabic script (a piece of calligraphy writing out the Muslim profession of faith), the backlash from some furious parents so hinted at violence that county schools had to be closed for a day.


Thank you Juan Cole for raising the thread so veiled and essential in the fabric of life. I'd add that the wisdom deep within our condition is well illustrated by a fable entitled The Islanders.

Our stories, what we tell ourselves and each other are built with language, a trace of origins, something we ignore or claim to possess, rather than respect and truly love, at our peril.


Thank you, Juan Cole for a taste of the gems that the Golden Age of Islam provided for humanity, not only preserving the wisdom of Classical Greece but adding inventive and generous forms of wisdom during the Dark Ages in Europe.


If anyone can make a rational explanation of how WE got here, please do so. Please just don't use weapons.


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Now that we have been alerted to this Muslim and Arabic influence on America, we need to take action.
When President Trump deports all of the Muslims and people of Arabic descent, we will also need to:
(1) Discontinue the use of Arabic numerals. All tax forms and calculations will be required to be filled out using Roman Numerals.
(2) Ban Algebra and Trigonometry from our schools. Students will rejoice. Plus, we need those school hours for more testing anyway.
(3) Repurpose all hospitals. They could be converted to motels and night clubs.
(4) Discontinue the use of Zeros in computers. All computers will be required only to use only Ones rather than both Ones and Zeros as is done today.

On to a Better America as we Make America Great Again!


From the article:

'2. Algebra. Al-Khwarizmi laid the foundations for algebra. The word algorithm is a corruption of his name. So if any children in Augusta county, Virginia, are taught algebra, they are benefiting from breakthroughs originally expressed in Arabic script....'

And his "Hisab al-jabr wal-muqabala" gave us the word "algebra".

'...4. Nasir al-Din Tusi invented trigonometry....'

My information is that Ptolemy (ca. 150 A.D.) is credited with that.


Well, I've been to the remains of a ancient Roman hospital and saw the surgical instruments myself.

In the end, these "Who invented what?" arguments are kind of silly. The Sumerians invented writing and discovered the 365 day year,, 24hr day, 60 min hour, 60 second minute,,,as well as the first algorithms (although they didn't call them that). The ancient Egyptians and Greeks discovered Geometry (separately so did the ancient Chinese), and the Greeks had calculated the diameter of the earth within 2% of what we say now.. The wheel was invented in southern Russia, the first art were cave paintings in Europe. Mongols invented the violin. The Hindus invented the concept of Zero, and the Arabs were the first to write it as "0", they also improved the math system devised by the greeks and Indians and it came to called "algebra". The Arabs invented the lanteen sail, which allows you to sail into the wind, Polynesians devised the first way to map ocean currents..ect ect.

Most things invented rest on prior discoveries by other people, usually by other cultures, and either borrowed directly or through some sort of cultural osmossis. We could follow it all the way back to the the first homo erectus who discovered how to bang two rocks together to produce fire.

The ancient Muslims had many fine scientists, whose work was based on those that came before, and borrowed by those that came later..just like everyone else. One of their achievments I would some day like to get to see is the the Taj Mahal. I think it has to be the most beautiful building in the world.