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Top 5 Ways Trump Plan for Palestinians Is a Crime Against Humanity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/29/top-5-ways-trump-plan-palestinians-crime-against-humanity


The maps accompanying this dictat strongly resemble the maps Palestinian activists have employed for years to demonstrate how absurdly tortured be their portions of land. Today’s predators are proud of their imperial absurdities.

Our burst-dam of war crimes represents the demise of international law, but it might make it difficult for any other countries besides local vassals to stand anywhere near us. That would depend on the progress of fascism elsewhere.


Well done CD giving a full airing of this issue, which is an embarrassment to the establishment Dems, some of whom are waging a war right now to absurdly paint Bernard Sanders as an antisemite.


This is why it’s impossible for me not throw support behind Iran.
The Shiite Crescent is the only regional bulwark against Apartheid Israel.


Thanks, but I do not need the “Top 5 Ways” because I have followed this on-going saga for years to understand, in my opinion, Trump and Netanyahu are best buds. One indicted, the other being impeached. I have nothing against the people, it is the politicians I despise.

The map linked below shows how it has progressed over the years. The “border creep” since Israel has never declared its borders.


Many people don’t understand that there has been a long drawn out plan culminating with this final (?) insult. Okay, not final, I am sure it can (and will) get worse.


Yes, since the first Zionist settlers in the 1800s. Their intent was take over “their” promised land. That was a lying myth (ancient state propaganda) from the start. But even that “covenant” with “god” was conditioned on keeping the faith. If not they would be thrown out and no do overs. They were thrown out, so by those mythical terms they don’t get to go back. But that’s not all.
Lord Arthur Balfour was a rabid anti-Semite. After a 1905 measure by Balfour to keep Jews from migrating to the UK, including refugees, Chaim Weizzmann saw Balfour’s move as a way to take the Jews Balfour didn’t want and send them to Palestine. Hence, in 1917 the Balfour Declaration was actually anti-Semitic. Such irony.
And of course that in turn is mirrored by the motives of Christian Zionists who want to send Jews to Israel and who want to make sure that the end-of-times great world war is started so that all those wrong-Christians (non-evangelicals) will be left and everybody else, including, even especially, Jews will be wiped out.
Some friends.
Time to disband Israel.


The complaint seems to be that Trump has given everything Israel wants, throwing Palestine under the bus. Israel fascist, apartheid leaders couldn’t care less since they have never been concerned about global opinion, right or wrong, legal or illegal criminal conduct. The have always taken what they wanted and thumbed their noses at the world, and given all of us the middle finger. What Trump has done has no meaning at the end of the day. And a reminder that both parties are enablers to the genocide of the Palestinians.

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I’m not sure there is a realistic understanding of the situation: SkepticTank says he supports Iran and other shia states against Israel. Iran, and all other shia states, kill homosexuals, subjugate and enslave women and have no conception human rights in any sense of the term. Yet, SkepticTank still thinks that Israel is the enemy of humanity.

taptio says the only civilized solution is the dissolution of the Jewish colony by any means necessary. That clearly is a call to extermination and genocide. I’m not sure how that is the “ONLY” decent, civilized solution. The world can tolerate an Islamist regime in Gaza that kills gays and non-Sunni, subjugates and enslaves women and doesn’t allow for any other belief but Sunni, but it can’t tolerate a democratic nation-state where all citizens have equal rights (Arab/Muslim citizens of Israel have equal rights to all Jewish citizens…look at the Joint List representation in government)?

dreamdance says it’s time to disband Israel. And how does one disband a modern industrial nation? You want to “disband” the only democracy in the middle east that grants the rights of freedom of thought, religion, sexual preference and gender equality to all its citizens, jewish and non?

morgan1 thinks that Trump threw Palestine under the bus rather than the Palestinians/Arabs throwing themselves under the bus for the last 70 years. You, morgan1, are personally offended that Israel has thumbed their noses at the world and given you the middle finger. You think you’re that important that the nation of Israel gave you a personal middle finger.

What I read in these comments is the regurgitation of meaningless cliches, support for the extermination of an entire nation, support for Iran and other shia nations who have some of the worst human rights records in the world, and equating a democratic state with apartheid south-africa and nazi germany. The common theme seems to be that you are all so insulted, personally, at this situation that the only solution is the erasure of the state of Israel because they are the absolute worst country in the entire middle east and, in your world-view, the entire world, and are on par with one of the worst governments ever, nazi germany. You also equate Israel and the U.S. with fascist regimes. Nonetheless you give actual fascist, genocidal regimes a free pass to enact actual genocide on all populations within their boundaries that aren’t of their own sect. The newest, and short-lived, polity in the region, who ruled over many more than Israel’s 8 million people, enacted a hell-on-earth nightmare for everyone who didn’t pretend to be a devout sunni. And what about the sexual enslavement of thousands of Yazidi women. And Israel is the bad guy in the region? What kind of history did you people learn? Arab/Muslim Israelis would rather live in Israel than in Palestine. Why is this? You are all monsters with a very distorted understanding of history, politics, religion and human rights. Maybe you think you are some vangard of the revolution (which one I’m not sure), but you aren’t. If you think the Israelis and American Evangelicals have crazy religious ideas, you seem to be criminally blind to the crazy ideas of the Sunni and Shia. Apparently the left isn’t holding you accountable with very serious ideas of how the world is. Israel is the only democracy that respects human rights in the middle east. The palestinians are the extension of the arab world’s hatred of Jews going back 1300 years. Yes, their situation is sad and tragic for the Palestinians, but they are not being put in ovens or being thrown off buldings for being gay, trans, female or shia. If left to their own self-determination, ironically enough, like in Gaza, they will in fact throw people in ovens, and throw homosexuals off buildings, beat women, and kill non-sunni. If you don’t believe this, you don’t read history, and have no right to a terribly violent opinion. Please understand, you are horribly ignorant people. You have no right to any space in civilized, thoughtful discussion. You are literally justifying genocide. I came to commondreams out of interest and curiosity; I leave in disgust of hateful, ignorant rhetoric.