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Top 6 Falsehoods Embraced by new WH Chief of Staff John Kelly


Top 6 Falsehoods Embraced by new WH Chief of Staff John Kelly

Juan Cole

John Kelly will get a lot of good will from having fired the foul-mouthed Anthony Scaramuchi. But should he? At least Scaramuchi had been gunning for Steve Bannon, the scary far, far right wing white nationalist who serves as White House strategist. You have a sense that while Kelly is just very, very conservative, there are lots of things about Bannon he is comfortable with. That isn’t a comforting thought.

1. Kelly thinks we are under siege:


Removing Scaramucci should be a big improvement when it comes to language but I think Cole is correct that the firing of Scaramucci will likely take away another person to counter the right wing extremists in the White House. Scaramucci had expressed liberal views on a number of issue and had contribute money to liberal politicians in recent elections. His views on many issues differed from those of Trump. Scaramucci was probably seen as being too liberal and could not be trusted. His attack on Bannon probably sealed his fate. It remains a mystery why Scaramucci accepted a position in the White House in the first place. Perhaps he thought he could do something on the inside to limit the extremists. Even Sessions with his apparent hite supremacist views is in trouble for actually following the law and recusing himself from the Russian investigation. With Trump still having strong support among Republicans it appears to them all this talk about democracy and a country of laws is just so much rhetoric and not anything of substance. What they really seem to want is an authoritarian white supremacist theocracy and the way things are going they might just get that type of country.


With the generals in charge, the empire is officially a Banana Republic, Generalissimo Trump in command.


I think Kelley is there as a guarantor of Trump’s probity. In a sense Kelley is the sane voice to counter Trump’s reckless blathering. With Kelly there, the White House becomes more presidential in the public’s eye. Yes, Kelley’s function is both to be Trump’s babysitter and to provide an experienced hand in government as opposed to Trump’s apparent diplomatic immaturity. You get the sense that Trump will be making fewer gaffs and rash statements once Kelly settles in. Aside from the spin, this will soon become Kelly’s WH, with him serving as the Grand Vizier who decides what the idiot prince hears and doesn’t hear.




To Gen. Kelly : " However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. " Winston Churchill.
Bringing in another pretty general; with outdated and wrongheaded ideas, with a very flawed, right wing ideological agenda won’t save Herr Trump’s dystopian vision for making America great again. He’s beyond redemption. He’s an immense disaster waiting to happen, with no moral sense, at all.
And, The Uniparty Consensus supporting Gen. Kelly’s appointment to babysit the juvenile Trump, shows how far down into the ditch our policies, politics and thoughtfulness has rolled.
Kelly should be ashamed for aiding and abetting the predator-in-chief.


It’s starting to look like a stealthy military coup. What General will replace Tillerson?


Kelly won’t be able to restrain Trump’s tweeting, lying, and general demonstrations of complete ignorance.

As such, his appointment is a rearranging of the deck chairs on the Trumptanic.

As for Kelly’s embracing falsehoods, I believe that’s called politics.


I sincerely disagree. I’ve hoped since the start that the best thing about Kelly and the other generals (Mattis came through on the trans ban) is that they’re good soldiers and will resist illegal and improper instructions.

I’m also not at all sure that these are the “top” 6 of Kelly’s falsehoods, but I have hope that he will at least try to constrain djt’s Twitter finger. Someone has to. But no, @Wereflea, I don’t think it will “become Kelly’s WH.” Note that Ivanka and J have so far only said they’ll work “beside him,” not do as he tells them. I think Kelly will regret having stepped this far into it.


Add to this the few weeks ago Jeff Sessions revising policy for ‘civil asset forfeiture’ - worth reading VERY closely!

For any who might have missed this bizarre twist becoming institutionalized, John oliver in his inimitable way explained:


The only bigger waste of taxpayers 's, than the bloated military budget, is the insane idea that a border wall is feasible and would keep out unwanted people. Just more rantings of delusional people chosen and elected to lead us. There are real issues that need solving and a wall is not one of them. How about immigration reform? Oh yeah, they've been trying for decades and won't come to terms on a viable policy. The drug war is a failure that cost untold 's and destroys countless lives after incarceration leaves in unemployable for better jobs. Russia is not our enemy contrary to popular press. America is it’s own worst enemy. They launch worthless wars that result in many wanting American blood for what they’ve been through as a result of invasion and occupation in their homeland. Stop already, maybe they’ll stay home. Generals are good for one main thing, WAR! Perhaps we could use some cooler heads to lead us out of the self made quagmire and concentrate on matters here at home more.


At least we still have shows like this in America… until Repubs shut it down as being biased for insisting on telling the truth!

It was great to see it!


And Kelly “serves at the pleasure of the prez-a-dunce,” which will inevitably be his undoing. Who can work for an unhinged, spoiled, irresponsible, reckless, raving narcissist and sociopath for very long? Answer: only family, acquaintances and ballsy billionaires that have grown immune to the cruelty.


So now we have two sociopaths vying for power and position. I really prefer people who do not think they have all of the answers, admit it, and understand that collectively and cooperatively we can reach solutions to human issues… Who looks forward to having their sons and daughters killed in wars? Who looks forward to penniless retirement? Who looks forward the a health care needs or bankruptcy charge for a cure? And so on… poverty, hunger, lack of education.


oh dear. you are surprised? really? bring “order” to the white house?
anybody who believed that kelly would work for ‘the people’ has allowed themselves to be singularly naive and ill-informed. harsh words? really?
this is a died in the wool warmongerer, which is why reince priebus was removed - unlike trump he was not really enamoured of dropping large bombs on other countries, wholesale massacre achieved.
priebus was not going along with trump;s more outlandish ideas - this is why he was removed.
kelly is mad. no. this is not a joke - anybody who wants to drop bombs and kill masses of people is made.
what will save us from kelly his is military, fundamentalist rigidity.
trump is a far cry from fundamentalist in any doctrine, other than the trump first manifesto. his stands on war, immigration, america first, the wall, blah bllah blah, is just that blah. his only desire is to live a sumptious lifestyle, marry exotic east european women decades younger than him, and play golf. he will do anything, anything to achieve these ends.
and now here is kelly, the spartan soldier. who has spent most of his life in active service or reserves. apparently a law and order, organizational maven. with some degree of philosophical system in place, one would think from his record. and whether or not we agree with his belief system, he at least has one.
add to this the erratic, escapist, uneducated, boasting, unprincipled, lazy, irresponsible idiot trump.
you think this is a marriage made in heaven?
think again.
how long will this last? i’ll put my neck out and say two weeks before the cracks start shawing.
and i think this was a good appointment. not because kelly is going to ‘impose’ some order in the white house or on trump. but because he cannot do this, it only shows kelly’s hubris to think he could do this, and trumpydumpalotskins is not going to change. he’ll die first.


ooh, i was preparing for military coup. but didn’t think it would happen in this manner.
i thought it would be trumpydumpy calling out the troops to impose martial order, and set himself up as putin-in-america. ha ha ha ha ha.
but it could go this way.
u.s.a. citizens in for a rough ride unless you can get rid of this set of greedy maniacs - and their psychopath supporters, al la koch etc.


i think scaramucci was brought in to get rid of peince riebus - who had principles, unlike most of his fellow republicans. and he wanted trump to remove himself after he heard the pussy grabbing audio leak.
trump is just a greedy psychopathic narcissist, or narcissistic psychopath.
kelly cannot control him.
it’s a combination destined to fall apart. whether by design of republicans who, by this time, must want to get rid of trump. unless they are completely cracked.
i look forward to the coming excitement.


Local “news” anchor used the phrase “there is a new sheriff in town” and then I heard it repeated by the White House “reporter” for MCNBC??? I watched this guy answer questions from a senate panel-he will be there for awhile and is very scary. A president who is more concerned about his hair and then surrounds himself with these types of people is not a good mix--------these people will use Trump as a face to do their evil crap!


My best slim hope about the possibilities of war in the near future is if General New Chief of Staff takes charge and limits any attack on North Korea to localized surgical strikes targeted on only the nukes to take them out before they can be launched. That would leave all the places here in South Asia where there are US troops stationed at the mercy of Kim Junior’s conventional forces, places like Taiwan and Japan – and that would include us here in the Philippines where I now reside. I hope Kim Junior got the memo that the one-time big bases here, Clark AFB and Subic Bay, have been turned into duty free stores. Like you, I also hope that the deep seated inhibition that’s been implanted in human nature that has kept everybody’s finger off that dreadful launch switch continues doing whatever it has been doing for the entire duration of my lifetime.


I’m reminded of the antagonist in the animated movie ANTS.