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Top 6 Problems with Trump Taking Syrian Oil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/04/top-6-problems-trump-taking-syrian-oil

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You error taking Trump’s words seriously. Nobody else I know does. He is throwing out reality TV B.S. If he makes you cry - he wins!

Plus, the Syria / Turkey situation is very fluid. Negotiations are occurring.

Heck, peace may break out.

“Occupying states are forbidden to drain the resources of occupied territories”

That doesn’t stop Israel, and we support it (while pretending not to)

  1. 45 doesn’t have a clue about “geography”, let alone understand the problems/issues in the Middle East.
  2. He doesn’t listen because he gets bored easily.
  3. He thinks that he’s the smartest one in the room
  4. You actually think that he believes he’s “constrained by the laws”?!?
  5. Do you think that he’s “thought” about how to retrieve that oil in the first place?
  6. He likes to hear himself sound tough.

Certainly Assad and Putin have commented on Trump’s tweets re:syrian oil, so probably Juan is right to analyze Trump’s words and actions (America’s troops went home for about 2 days lol)

I don’t believe negotiations are happening this week… though the battle rages on… mostly by air.

Peace break out? I’m doubtful… too many players… Israel, Turkey, Kurds, jihadis of various stripes and Trump… well…because??.. beacuse Trump can???


I was thinking that Russia may be able to have Turkey resettle the Syrian refugees they have, over 3 million, These folkes are arabian, not Kurds and divides the Turkish Kurds from the Syrian Kurds.

You are correct that this will fester the Kurds in Syria, who are losing their homes and businesses. This brings extreme poverty to way over half million people who are resettled south 20 miles or more.

If the regular Syrian army is in the evacuated area, the Turk militia (Syrian refugees as soldiers) may be disarmed to avoid clashes amongst all the ‘too many players’.

my home town has 68 nationalities / heritages - all working hard and competative as heck - but without the deadly violence.

Israel stirring the ME pot? The nations only have to review the three generations of their mistreating the palestinian people to view true colors.


I suppose that’s possible: Idlib for Kobane and Manbj, much like the earlier quid pro quo East Aleppo for Afrin. Of course that would require another little “skirmish”… probably 10 000 deaths and lots more “cleansing” (if you get my drift) and as Turk prez called his latest invasion Operation Peace Spring, perhaps that’s what you had in mind?!

Yep… perhaps Trump can resettle them kurds and pay for it from his newly conquered oil wells!! (okay so I’m entering Gulliver’s cloud cuckoo-land here lol and lots of tears:)

“If the regular Syrian army is in the evacuated area, the Turk militia (Syrian refugees as soldiers) may be disarmed”… yep those Syrian refugee soldiers aka jihadists are just gonna want to turn in their guns to Assad in some sort of clemency deal?.. and then Turkey will just scram… cause well Putin and Erdogan are such good buddies? lovers… a little gender fluidity perhaps??

Not sure where your hometown is…but I’m going to guess it’s not in the Middle East…

home town is in Ohio, on Lake Erie and I still want Ontario as a state.
The north western syrian refugees who went north and inside turkey avoided conflicts with the regular syrian army or as part of any of the various “freedom fighters”. They were freedom runners. probably not jihadists. And the turks wisely drafted them as cannon fodder soldiers (that is how they actually fight wars over there). So these syrian arab reluctant conscripts will hand over arms for a house to live in, etc.

The Kurds would have waded through them except they were propped up by Turk tanks - and they have about 3,300 of them. The turks sure want to cleanse out Kurds, but so do the Iraq shia government want their own Kurds desperate.

Turkey army will sit on the north side, ready to pounce south into syria or noth-east into their own Kurds. Who they label as terrorists. Heck, we tried to knock off Erdogan a few years ago and the fighter jet was 20 minutes late.

There was a reminder last week about arab spring here at common dreams. Assad was slated for demise.

What we have learned is that USA state dept no longer exists. The pentagon runs the USA world relations now. expect middle east oil IPO’s such as saudi family who want 2 trillion dollars for 3% of their asstes = ports and pumps and pipes only.

The dotcom bubble repeat??

Personally, I think you vastly underestimate how well Putin is playing his hand in the MidEast.
His side won in Syria, big time.
Turkey is taking their cues from him.
Israel and the Saudis have cut deals with him.
He’s trained his sights on Libya, ripe for a new savior.
The Shia Crescent is just about a done deal.
Meanwhile, the US is spinning its wheels in the region, losing war after war.

Yes, peace, as orchestrated by Putin, could damn well break out.

Putin and Russia’s handling of the situation in Syria should be used by Washington as the blue print for ending the myriad of wars it is entangled in all over the world. Russia is getting zero credit for cleaning up the US mess much like they did in Vietnam in the 70s.

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Trump doesn’t care about the illegality at all. Nor how practical it is. His reality is one of someone on LSD who thinks they can fly. Reality means nothing to him. He will flap his arms and jump off the building.

Unfortunately all so true. Which is why I don’t support the Israelis government.
But the end days are coming and Israel will be destroyed for the 2nd coming and all jews will either convert or die. Thus is the belief of the Dominionists.