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Top 6 Reasons Authorities Are Cracking Down Hard on Black Protesters While Treating White Supremacist Reopeners With Kid Gloves

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/28/top-6-reasons-authorities-are-cracking-down-hard-black-protesters-while-treating


An observation.

Whether it a Republican administration in power , or a Democratic one , were Black people to arm themselves and then gathered to protest, they would be mowed down by the Police or the National Guard would be called in to gun them down. The individual leaders of such protests would be singled out, hunted down and assassinated.


Police across USA keep cranking up the amplitude of the terror. It’s as if they go out of their way to find the sweetest, most guileless brother to publicly strangle – with onlookers pleading for it to stop – in the most outrageous possible manner. Like a challenge to those getting stamped in the face by oppression’s boot, over and over: How about this? What now, brothers and sisters?

We didn’t start this fire.


I’m just old enough to remember the Black Panther Party - funny how they were armed to the teeth and California under Ronald Raygun changed the gun laws. Maybe that’s what needs to happen again.


There’s only one real reason. And it’s my opinion, of course. The police and anti-lockdown/white supremacists are on the same side.


We just need Biden to draw up another crime bill.

~ sigh

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The main thrust of this piece is the need for progressives to arm themselves. Sadly, this may well be as valid as a truism as the one which states that ‘American politics is not a Marquess de Queensbury match with an impartial referee, but a down and dirty street fight where the only thing that matters is who wins.’ Also, to expect the police (especially the rank-and-file) to actually enforce the laws against gun nuts with whom they’re more than likely simpatico politically is a major stretch.


Sorry, but I’m not buying the police are scared line, or the police don’t want to incite more violence line, as to why the Nazi hopefuls are treated with kid gloves. History shows stevewd is correct.
If anyone’s interested, I’ll explain how I know at least some of the ATF was in on the OK. City bombing, and allowed the death of all of those children.
I don’t blame Professor Cole for not knowing this, not many people do.


This summer is going to mimic the 60’s & 70’s - eg - the Long Hot Summer of 1967

Trump will use anything he can to declare Martial Law by late summer, even if he has to get creative


I have to laugh when I read that “something like 75 percent of Americans say they don’t own a gun.” Why would ANYONE (but a complete fool) admit to a stranger that he owned a gun? so that when this poll is leaked with names (which we know it might be) he is now a prime target for burglars and home invasions - not to mention confiscations that anti-gunners swear will never happen (except when they do, e.g. California and NJ). Answering a poll asking this question is like writing a letter to the Editor admitting you grow pot at your home and daring the police to try to stop you. I used to own a gun but then I took it with me in the boat, and it fell overboard - I never found it.

They do need to offer a means to pay dues besides credit cards.

I don’t see how your argument stands up to the facts here. Note that people are contacted via random digit dialing and are never asked their name or other identifying information in any such poll. Further, the number of guns declared in such polls lines up with data from gun manufacturers and gun registration data so there is absolutely no reason to believe that there is any kind of systematic underreporting like you imagine. Further, gun rights groups say that gun ownership is supposedly a way to deter robberies - so the argument that gun owners would then shy away from declaring their ownership also flies in the face of that motivation.

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Your supposed data on the polling is likely based on unsubstantiated stories you read ‘somewhere’. Who does the polling? Was the polling conducted by a reputable organization or one paid to come up with a particular answer? Do you have specific verifiable data that backs up your numbers? I have never seen any evidence of what you state - please consider that just when you want something to be true, you easily believe any story that backs it up. OBTW, ‘far-right’ groups aren’t the only ones who say that. Read what the CDC had to say: ~ttps://www.forbes.com/sites/paulhsieh/2018/04/30/that-time-the-cdc-asked-about-defensive-gun-uses/#763ccb22299a

Think about it: If you got a random call from somebody you never heard of, would you answer personal questions truthfully? of course not. When was the last time you got a random phone poll? Probably not this century.

Liberals/progressives: You SHOULD arm yourselves.
The right wingers want US dead.

time for Americans to face the fact that just as this continent was founded on genocide and slavery–our country’s wealth was built on the backs of the slaves, and that no matter which political party is in charge–the racists, racist justice systems, and racist economic policies are the norm–not the exception and racist policies are promoted by every level of government–with the racist cops being the constant bully boys of oppression they have always been since their origins as the slave patrols making sure the racist can --as the Trump administration official stated—keep control of their “human stock”

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Indeed. The U.S. ever since before its inception has been a racist nation. We need to accept that. It doesn’t mean that this country isn’t worth trying to improve, just the opposite in fact.

the question is HOW we will effect that change–I am sure(from decades of attempts at reforming ) that the Democratic and Republican parties are beyond reform–are completely co-opted by the corporatists and oligarchs–that if we want to save our country–our planet- ourselves --we will have to throw the corrupt criminals now infesting our government to the street(if not directly to jail)—GET CLEAN-VOTE GREEN and a vibrant third party forces them to come to the table instead of the ignoring us and our concerns as is the norm now

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Even the Green party I am unsure of these days. With how Howie Hawkins is a believer of Russiagate to how the state of Road Island is not going to run a green candidate out of fear that it would give the election to Trump, I feel even that party has been compromised. I am beginning to think more and more that there might not be a way out of this hell politically.

Hawkins is the “middle way” candidate of the left–I prefer Ajamu Baraka-but there are others–the thing is we need to start by taking over state and local governments-much easier to do and in the end as effective as national power in making real change

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Most certainly. I’ve been boning up on my karate these last few years, but firearms may well be part of an effective self-defense strategy versus the Buggaloo cracker doodles out there.