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Top 6 Reasons Trump’s Racist Attack on Ilhan Omar at Empty Stadium Is a Lie

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/22/top-6-reasons-trumps-racist-attack-ilhan-omar-empty-stadium-lie

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Nearly everything Trump said in Tulsa (and at all of his other campaign events during the past 5 years) are examples of the rhetorical tactic called projection where he blames non GOP entities for doing things the GOP actually did or will soon do. Projection was one of Goebbels’ favorite tactics.

This article simply addresses one of the more recent examples of Trump projecting.


“Ilhan Omar is going to be very much involved in a Biden government”

Don’t worry, Donald. Biden is a racist piece of shit just like you. Him, Nancy and the DCCC have made it clear they don’t want anything to do with Ilhan.


" nearly empty stadium", according to fire marshals there were about 6500 people (idiots, my definition) that’s 1/3 capacity. Please be accurate, exaggeration compromises the rest of the article. As my HS English teacher used to scream, " be specific".


I don’t think anything is too low for trump.

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On any list of things that make america “great”, people like Ilhan Omar belong at the top.


After reading this article, and after Trumps speech, we get spoon fed more critical analysis of racism and political divide than we do about actual objective analysis of policy that affects the nation and our lives. No wonder there is very little objective analysis in discussion. It is great there are plans for our future it would be interesting to know how the Presidential candidates demonstrate they have any understanding of risk vs benefit of these decisions.

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William Rivers Pitts’ summary of His Pestilency’s ginormous flop:

All that was missing was one of those long old-timey hooks to jerk Trump off the stage after he finished puling about protesters, Democrats and the menace of leather-soled shoes. When he freely admitted that he told his people to slow down COVID testing to keep the numbers low, his campaign staff must have sounded like John Candy in Uncle Buck.


A very challenging criticism to make sense of, from where I sit. I’m starting out with Sister Angela’s encapsulation of our historical predicament as a struggle out from under the domination of white-supremacy, hetero-patriarchy, and capitalism. (That’s been my own grok of it for years.) Your comment evinces discomfort with “analysis of racism and political divide”? That’s sort of what there is to talk about, you know. My own California Governor is now prosecuting genocide by pandemic proxy in San Quentin Prison, just across the Bay from me. Is there something more important than genocide to focus on?

What is “spoon-fed” as opposed to sincerely engaged dialectic?


The election material is more like two kids sitting in a sand box engaged in parallel play. If we want to make racism the major platform of both parties lets hear it as an objective reality that includes how to address it. Otherwise, missing from the debate are actual policies, or even explanations about what is happening in our government. We already know there is a divide, do really want more of it?

Do you see one mention good or bad of these things in discussion?

Paycheck Recovery Act of 2020: This bill directs the Department of the Treasury to establish a paycheck recovery program to provide grants for certain small businesses and employers that have lost revenue because of COVID-19.
5/19/2020: Referred to the Committee on Financial Services

Saving Our Streets Act: This bill establishes and provides funding for the Microbusiness Assistance Fund through which the Department of the Treasury must provide grants to specified small entities.
5/19/2020: Referred to the Committee on Small Business.

“Child Care Is Essential Act This bill establishes and provides $50 billion in appropriations for the Child Care Stabilization Fund to award grants to child care providers during and after the COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease) 5/27/2020: Referred to the Committee on Appropriations”

And where is the remediation for the snake pit care we fund for our elders that represent a substantial form of abuse.

Further: Any or all of it should include an environmental impact report.

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Well spoken.

All those programs seem like silly games they play, in the light of day, when the sun comes up and reveals the problem here: Too. Much. Oppression.

Let’s see: What would you suggest as a solution? I’d suggest cutting off the oppressors, I don’t care which party they represent. Hit them wherever it hurts them the most, because the oppressors – the continual sponsors of a carceral state to confine us in – are our enemy. I’m having trouble understanding where you’re coming from with all this talk of bills. Where’s the bill that’s going to put the country back together again after mid-July, when practically everyone gets evicted? Police in battle-gear to represent the landlords, trashing families by the block.

Let’s talk about defunding the police. Abolishing the carceral state. It’s an emergency.

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All these programs represent a guarded and guaranteed economy except the childcare provision. I’m not sure they are evidence based but are most certainly in the area of crises programing. (not my favorite)

I would ask, cut off oppressors and do what? What happens for the first Amber Alert or you discover a serial rapist in your neighborhood, there are all sorts of freelance oppressors. Does this apply to everyone of just the ones we dress in uniforms? I know there are community groups that respond to mental health emergencies and that is a good idea and various populations have had them for a long time with success. This usually includes some level of prevention. (Someone you can call when a situation exceeds the average persons ability to maintain a safe and sane environment that is not necessarily a criminal act)

Historically, five million lost their homes in the 2008 financial crises so we have some experience of what happens both short term and long term. We could start there.

We are not going to maintain the status quo (for some that will be a good thing for others an adjustment) with added precautions for the pandemic.

Police kill three of us every single day. Before George Floyd’s murder. Since George Floyd’s murder. Week after month after year, a thousand a year, every single year. Never letting up an inch, ever getting a little bit harder all the time, Amber.

I won’t specify the relation – distant or far, by blood or by comradeship – to let go of irrelevancies: In my life, I’ve seen much of the aftermath of a horribly brutal rape. This scene you implicitly sketch, right out of the antebellum playbook, of the monster climbing in the window… you don’t need to tell me that this is a real story which really happens to real people.

Sister Angela provides wise counsel on this as on everything, of course: Look at the result of the Carceral Feminism the police state has shoved down our societal throat. How do you like it?

You know prognostication is very similar to weather forecasting. There are areas of high and low pressure and accumulation of energies that result in events. There are many way to interpret these events. You can examine all these things as weather, or you can examine the relationship all these things have that produce the events that we commonly see as wind, or rain and sometimes too much of each or too little of either. I think this is a reckoning and these experiences will shape the future. I’m sorry about the experience you witnessed. I’ve worked with people that have been the victim of institutional rape as well. (men and women) It helps to know who to call and the answer is always different.

I like Angela, she is a brilliant woman and courageous in the face of adversity.

Ilhan Omar came to America as a refuge, and now she is a Congress person. She has amazing ideas and i wish I lived in Minnesota to vote for her.She proves in her coming to America that immigrants are anecessary and an important part of creating an America that works for everyone.
Trump , born into a family who had money---- has had every advantage–and has done little with that advantage—which is odd as all he can do is lie. I hope Ilhan has a long and wonderful political life, because she is the kind of elected official that America needs, and needs NOW more than ever.


“Prognostication” means forecasting, of which we have no need. I’m talking about reading history: the past, in order to experience today’s events the way others do, collectively. It’s not so tough to connect historical dots, for anyone with eyes to see and read.

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Oh, I’ve always considered there are subtle differences especially where forecasting is considered but agree reading and knowing the history is good too. In this case there seems to be a great deal of re-examination of history. We are fairly lucky in that regard, most Americans think history started in the late 1700s.

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Fern: as usual you seem to be on Common Dreams comment thread to “spoonfeed” a slightly more subtle mix of right-wing nonsense. You did mention SPECIFIC policies supported by Rep. Omar (who happens to represent the Congressional district I live in). Seems like each one of the descriptions you quoted gave actual specifics. Seems reality got in the way of your talking points.

Weird how the Dems are also so frequent in doing that too against Trump. A pox on both their houses. Or I guess a Coronavirus in this case.