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Top Advisor and Friend Denies He Saying President Trump "Not Only Crazy, He’s Stupid"


Top Advisor and Friend Denies He Saying President Trump "Not Only Crazy, He’s Stupid"

Jon Queally, staff writer

New book by journalist Michael Wolff, who was given wide-ranging access to Trump's inner circle, alleges key confidant made explosive comment critical of president's mental capacity


So here we are all again - engaged in character assassination based on innuendo and rumor.

That’s progressive right ?

Here’s a movie to watch - showing Ralph Waldo Emerson’s dictum in bold relief, as Tom Hanks refuses to go along, opting instead for what is euphemistically called justice, something I would have thought would be the sine qua non of progressive thinking.

“To be a man is to be a nonconformist.” (Emerson)

And here is Eric Margolis with his take on the making of America, with asides on Trump. At least it is his honest appraisal.


This is a tough world - and it is getting tougher by the minute, and yet Ethiopia has just made a surprising move, to which I attach yet two more links - not that progressives will bother to read, being too busy slinging mud:


Indeed from his Essay Self Reliance. We all need to be as self reliant as possible in these times and look out for those unfortunate enough to not have the means to do so, whether by constitution or finances. What we cannot do is form a mob. Rather, we should attack by our very nonconformity; nonconformists in numbers have no one weak link–the established evil will be continuously confused, allowing each of us a chance to shine our beacons of hope.


why do we need to hear what others think of him? we can form our own opinions by simply watching him if you can bear it! enuf said.


Someone needs to review how many lies per day Trump’s “friend” Barrack tells.

Wow, this could be a great premise for a new TV series about extremely wealthy liars, titled: “You Lying Piece Of Sh*t.”

What do you think?


“Stupid is as stupid does”.

Forrest Gump


And for every millionaire who wins the “lying piece of sh*t” award they willingly turn over 90% of their millions to the peons!!! :hugs::hugs::rofl::yum:


We all know he’s crazy. We all know he’s stupid.

Yet he’s POTUS and has the mainstream media hanging on his every tweet.

So what effin difference does crazy and stupid make?


I would want my name erased off that Presidential assassination list before action happened too.


There’s a list?



Could not agree with you more! What the hell difference does it make? We ar stuck with the lying moron…


Maybe speak for yourself, eh? Broad generalizations about progressives just make your argument weak. Progressives, statistically, are the most educated people in the US and generally read critically and with discernment. So we don’t have to watch your little film clips, thanks.https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/04/27/study-finds-those-graduate-education-are-far-more-liberal-peers


The late Carrie Fisher (and she would have known!) was sure that the Donald had snorted cocaine before each debate.

Third-hand spoken through the grapevine, not through any media. A fellow undergraduate at Princeton said that the Donald was mostly drunk at college. He sobered up after his brother’s alcoholism.

As for the crazy and stupid parts, well, it goes with both drug problems.


A journalist publishing a quote in a book that might get him sued probably has the interviews he used recorded. I suspect the quotes are true.



Of course, it’s in the CIA’s vault. So far only one name scratched off.


Great essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson. But of course, if we mentioned that to Trump, who admits he never reads, his reply would probably be something like: Who? Didn’t they use to make T.V.s a long time ago!


That is an interesting point of view - very !

In effect, we non-conformists are guerrilla fighters, or “beacons of hope” - from the dawn of civilization - perhaps even before that.

My favorite non-conformist is Bill Tilman, mountaineer, sailor, and veteran of both World Wars. Here he is with the partisans in Italy - in the Dolomites, being hunted by the Germans, in late Fall, 1944, hiding on a cliff in a blizzard - without food for three days. I like the relevance to our new times - a time of increasing scarcity:

“We became halting disciples of Socrates, striving to accept the master’s dictum that ‘to want nothing is divine - to want as little as possible is the nearest approach to divine’.”

And I admire his unfailing sense of humor - a non-trivial asset.


Broad generalizations are appropriate, at times, if the shoe fits.

Being well educated - in what sense?

If you don’t want to watch ‘my little film clips’ - then don’t.

Presumably you consider yourself one of those well educated types - strange that you have no manners, isn’t it ~


Shantiananda - I don’t know what Trump does or does not do, but I know what I do - and don’t do.

Trump has seized a moment in time - a time of confusion - a time of great peril - a time of massive change, which is only now just beginning.

In science, there is ‘signal & noise’.

It is not always easy to distinguish between the two - at first.

Some of what Trump says resonates with an awful lot of Americans, and presumably non-Americans too.

That the delivery vehicle for these long ‘in the closet’ thoughts is a unique character, read Trump - well - let us not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

For better or for worse, Trump is President, and the American People elected him.

Let’s find the signal - because the other parties are surely in the dark there too.