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Top CEOs Make 271 Times More Than the Average American


Top CEOs Make 271 Times More Than the Average American

John Light


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So Democrats want to recruit more Blue Dogs, a sure fire antidote to runaway Corp. excesses. The thin thread tethering corporations to some sort of accountability cannot hold in the present environment, and when it snaps, corporate exploitation will become more blatant and ruthless than ever. I’m not optimistic, Democrats are in the throes of an irrational hysteria about a fictional Russian attack on the country’s electoral system. McCarthyism, even at its heights, never reached such excess, tail gunner Joe’s list of commies pale by comparison to Rachel Maddow’s Jackson Pollock dots, which will never connect. I suspect the DNC will try to parlay this Russian Scare through at least the 2018 mid terms, surely a losing formula.


Nearly four decades of decriminalizing FDR’s New Deal regulations (euphemistically called “deregulation” by media and politicians), and lax enforcement of the remaining ones plus lax enforcement of anti-trust regulations (that pre-date the New Deal) are largely responsible for this and many other aspects of ever widening income and wealth inequality.

Enacting laws that limit CEO pay, Dodd-Frank and other band-aid approaches will have no positive impact on what is a systemic problem. Until New Deal regulations are restored and too-big-to-fail corporations are broken up the income and wealth inequality gap will continue to widen.


"Pelosi’s history lesson was loaded with mistakes. It was sixty-eight years ago, not forty or so, when Frank Abrams, chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey, proclaimed that “The job of management is to maintain an equitable and working balance among the claims of the various directly interested groups … stockholders, employees, customers, and the public at large.”


Such BS!


The horse race of politics between the two parties is such a farce.
Our enemies, both foreign and domestic: AIPAC and the Koch Brothers and their many special interest groups.


Until the printing of money for the benefit of the banks stops, this will continue. No amount of negative earnings, operational loss or sales decline in volume effects the too big to fail any longer.

We need to look there first. Anyone? Anyone?

But first, I gotta slave these upcoming forty so I can eat a square meal.


Chuck Shummer said this morning that they will be announcing a my words “pro people agenda” which will help worker wages, jobs and better jobs and more stuff. It sure did not sound like a recruitment for corporate democrats like Machine and Booker. But then they’ve lied to us before i.e. Bill Clinton.


See: https://www.commondreams.org/views/2017/07/21/why-blue-dogs-would-destroy-democratic-party-again


You’d think that when a) Democrats are complaining of losing big to the GOP and b) Democrats are blaming this loss in part on Trump’s pro-working class appeal and promises to bring back industrial jobs,

that the Democrats would focus on labor reform that benefits workers this way, that they would propose legislation to the ends (maybe not the means) that Trump promised, and then when the GOP votes this down, remind voters every moment that the GOP not only failed in their promises, but voted against them.

But this would require ending their complicity in the pay gap this article is about.


you would think but…