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Top Climate Stories to Watch in 2017


Top Climate Stories to Watch in 2017

Mike Gaworecki

2016 was something of a mixed bag for the global climate. On the one hand, renewable energy use has never been higher — but on the other hand, 2016 brought with it news of record fossil fuel consumption, as well.


Until such time as articles like this LINK DIRECTLY TO THE TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS and their political minions THAT ARE THE ACTIVE PERPETRATORS, political manipulators, and beneficiaries of the ecocide, ethnocide and genocide, they are only presenting a piece of the puzzle.
Parallel to this and appallingly underreported is the REAL human genius emerging in uncounted and countless ways that are the planet's global (in all senses of the term) immune response to the bloated scourge, release from which so many millions are, have been and will be working, dreaming, uniting and strengthening for the generations not yet born.


It would be good to see the media reporting on the fact the 2020s are likely to be a time of rapid and severe change, with our species joining the many other species now going extinct during this period of "the sixth extinction." THAT'S UNLIKELY TO OCCUR, HOWEVER!


There were some important scientific studies not included. One reported that the IPCC underestimated the rate of future warming because at it warms the climate becomes more sensitive to greenhouse gas levels. Another found that in the past when CO2 was 400 ppm, the current level, there was a collapse of East Antarctica ice that would rase sea level by about 3 feet.


Holy shit----shouldn't this jump be front page news?

January 1, 2017: 406.35 ppm
January 1, 2016: 401.82 ppm