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Top Cringe Worthy Foreign Policy Moments in GOP Debate


Top Cringe Worthy Foreign Policy Moments in GOP Debate

Juan Cole

Well we had the primetime GOP debate, so the 2016 election season has formally begun.


I can’t recall the source but the debate was compelling. In it, one person remarked that U.S. elites–military, political, and media-based could get away with murder because too few Americans actually read books.

I live in the Bible Belt and people here do not read, for the most part. I’ve met women who read Christian romance novels, and of course, The Bible… but nothing beyond that. I’ve walked into homes that not only have no bookshelves, they have no books apart from a few storybooks for children.

When people don’t read, they have no basis for recognizing lies or distorted storylines. A simpleton like Scott Walker who is the personification of “The Peter Principle” meeting naked political graft (due to largesse from the Koch Brothers, and such) is at the same level of ignorance as a segment of the population. In his jumbled jargon asserted with trained hubris, they might “meet their man.” After all, like most propped up as viable leaders, his brand is white male Christian and that remains the dominant staple of the dominator culture. It’s threatened by numbers of Latinos, liberated (from patriarchal control values) women, and much of the Black community. That’s why the conservatives are buckling down on every aspect of Civil Liberties to put all those “outliers” back in “their places.”

The old control group feels threatened… so it uses its familiar brand to seduce a largely illiterate segment of the population into voting 100% against its own interests. Every one of these chumps is a whore beholden to corporate sponsors. Admittedly, due to the current costs of major election cycles (over $1 billion), members of both parties are forced into this dangerous form of fiscal supplication. The problem is systemic… nonetheless, it’s a dangerous time with global warming creating so much unrest, and wars spreading, and genetically modified monstrosities being pushed through covert trade treaties like TPP… for an imbecile to act as CEO of Brand, America, Inc.


Very true but the last part of your remarks should be corrected. If you’re part of the crowd that wants to send Uncle and Auntie Whitey to Washington, then " it’s the best time with global warming… " . Ignorance is bliss with this bunch and The Big Cloud Guy, with the sacred cahones and The Grand Design, is the one and only answer to our intractable problems. Step 1: Insert large metal ring through the nostrils of the true believers. Step 2: Pull as hard as necessary to get them to move in desired direction. Step 3: Use electric prod and club if step 2 fails. Repeat as often as directed by The Big Cloud Guy until compliance is achieved. Step 4: Lead the surviving followers in the old hymn, " We Shall Gather By The River " as the bodies of the unbelievers are secured, weighted down and sunk.


I have to thank Cole and others for having the stomach to do what I could not: namely, watch that farce. Not that I would have heard much anyhow for all my screaming and throwing of objects within reach.

I really have no idea how those other than the die-hard core of the GOP base are reacting to what was obviously a very tawdry display of ignorance, arrogance, and cluelessness. I really hope FOX and all the other sycophants of the lost cause give them even more rope with which to hang themselves.


This morning, a 10 minute segment of the debate was broadcast on Democracy Now. I listen to DN on a radio, so I only heard it, not saw it. It was played without comment, only Amy’s show-closing credits at the end, but none was needed because it was manifestly a madhouse of kooks with only the most tenuous grasp of physical reality - made even bizarre by its game-show-like slick production values.

God help us.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.