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Top Dem Says Internal Govt. Watchdog Report Shows Trump Still Has No 'Coherent' Response to Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/21/top-dem-says-internal-govt-watchdog-report-shows-trump-still-has-no-coherent

Trump is holding another rally in Ohio attended by the wimpy Gov Dewine----they are not showing the audience------This is the one thing we should not be doing to prevent this virus----large crowds??? He is bragging that he gave farmers 28 billion ------over 7 trillion pumped into the economy these past three years–7 trillion added to the national debt------PLEASE STOP CALLING REPUBLICANS CONSERVATIVE!

Why is Trump leading on the economy------the Fed is in a melt down???


Is there any subject whatsocopulatingevah, about which the copulated up brained Trumpelthinskin would be capable of expounding with even the slightest modicum of coherency?


The government watchdog report says that Trump still has no coherent response to Covid 19. I’m afraid I must disagree. I think it’s quite clear that Trump, with the help of his cronies, have deliberately put together a clear, consistent and thoroughly considered response to the pandemic. It’s main components are (1) to deceive the people re the morbidity and other harmful effects of the virus, (2) to deceive the people re how the virus may be transmitted, (3) to minimize and disregard the death toll and other harmful effects of the virus, regardless of the facts (4) to do everything possible to convince the masses that they need not be concerned about the virus, with lying to the public being the primary means of accomplishment.

However deranged it may be, it is a coherent response to Covid 19. It just happens to be the kind of response one might expect from a madman, from a fascist wannabe. We’ll soon have an opportunity to vote for something different, something far from ideal, to be sure, but certainly and clearly better than Trump and his response, something that will at least be sane.


Trump has a coherent response to COVID-19:

  • Make money off the pandemic.
  • Let as many black, brown, poor, elderly die as possible.
  • Lie about science and pander to his illiterate Q-Anon base.
  • Rejoice in the downfall of America.
    Trump acts exactly like you’d expect a covert agent of a foreign enemy to act, and has done more to destroy America than any terrorist organization or war. 204,000 dead. The equivalent of a 9/11 every four days.
    Trump is a terrorist and Manchurian candidate; his handler is a highly-intelligent, multi-lingual former KGB hit man with a penchant for giving polonium cocktails to political opponents.
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What is the alternative to Trumps plan on the table? Joe Biden isn’t a plan, just a different label. Detail’s please.

The topic is Trump’s negligent manslaughter, his lies about COVID being no worse than the flu, his deliberate blocking of COVID-19 science and interventions.
If you were really sincere, instead of just wanting to always slag Biden, you could have easily found Biden’s detailed COVID-19 plan, which is based on science and good public policy.
Trump’s plan is based on malignant narcissism and how to profit from death and chaos.

Well, when I see something isn’t working, I look for alternative approaches, I don’t just complain about the failure. Is there somewhere besides Biden, I should be looking?

It’s telling that you see asking for details of an alternative approach is an attack.

Not unless that subject was sex with under-aged females.

There’s no fixing a deranged mind.

There’s only incarceration and/or lobotomy.

Only one. Golf.

He’s committing deliberate mass murder. That’s his coherent response, and he’s made that abundantly clear.

I’ve said it before and I say it again - I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy……and a hot one.

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I think it’s pretty obvious that trump doesn’t want a coherent response. He wants the one he has. (Incoherent) enough so he can manipulate things on a daily basis. He neither wnts to be directly responsible, he would rather leave open his option to blame China, the democrats, or the virus gods.