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Top Democrat Condemns Trump Plan to Sell 'Most Highly Sophisticated Killing Machine' to UAE

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/top-democrat-condemns-trump-plan-sell-most-highly-sophisticated-killing-machine-uae


Great article Andrea. It’s appalling how uninterested Americans of all political stripes are about the genocide in Yemen by Saudi and the UAE and USA.


agree with the article and “unmentionables” comment. Part of the problem is that weapons are one of the few products we still make that sells, there is so much money involved. We need a peace movement in the UAE too, their people are paying for it!


Well, y’know what - I don’t trust any of these people. If this Senator is truly morally beleaguered, he should pour gasoline on himself - and then light a match - in protest.

Barring that, jaded individual that I am, I’d just as soon ascribe his studied indignation to bought-and-paid-for theatre. It’s either that or he didn’t get his cut.