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Top Democrat Demands Postmaster General DeJoy Turn Over All 'Secret Communications With the Trump Campaign'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/27/top-democrat-demands-postmaster-general-dejoy-turn-over-all-secret-communications

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Here comes the strongly worded letter…

Dear Hon. DeJoy - We implore you to put back those lovely blue boxes of Democracy and turn over all communications with the Trump Administration or else…we will write another strongly worded letter. We mean it this time!!




Sorry House of Representatives, but if you want to end the inherent corruption and nepotism involved in the naming of dept heads in the Government by the executive branch alone, TAKE THAT AUTHORITY BACK.
The House has spent the last 50 years abdicating their responsibilities to the executive branch. By doing so, they are basically abdicating democracy for monarchy.
Our presidency has become an elected monarchy. One day soon, without systemic change, that is what our president will be. It has happened before. There are films of it happening in another country in the last century. But they are hard to make out, as they are in black and white, and everyone is speaking German.


Remember the confirmation hearings for Boofin’ Bart when Patrick Leahy kept hounding him on his many perjuries during his past hearings?

Remember afterward when even more evidence came out abou Boofin’ Bart committing perjury, and Patrick Leahy said peoples’ calls for him to be impeached were extreme and unwarranted?

Is there anyone who still wonders why we call the Democrats the fake opposition party?


It’s interesting, and infuriating, that when an elected official points-out illegal actions and contempt for law by trump toadies, instead of being supported, they are ridiculed by supposed “progressives” for “strongly-worded letters”, for toothless “weakness” instead of being supported by the public and those who comment here. The comments seem (and are) more supportive of Republicons and trump criminals than those attempting to bring them to account.

The law applies to the accuser, and those in an official capacity are limited to what they can do. The critics seem to think the accusers can rush down from their seats and attack the liars, or grab them and throw them in jail for lying, or beat them into submission. The law and precedent are ignored by the trump regime, its criminal violators and pathological liars and its only the failure of the system that makes that possible. Only a freakin idiot or trump troll would make such idiot and false attacks.

Linking Dems trying to change things and lay the framework for legal action, like Connolly is, with complicit Dems like feckless pelosi (and schumer) is a trump regime tactic - It appears that is who you support by these BS attacks!

Instead of being de facto trump supporters and heaping denigration and ridicule on opponents trying, maybe give your sabotage another think - that’s if you have even given the situation one to begin-with.

The reason for the sarcasm is because DeJoys changes were first reported two months ago. We are nearly in September now and finally the Dems have awoken from their slumber, but will they actually hold DeJoy in Contempt of Congress when he doesn’t comply (because he will not)? I won’t hold my breath.

Too little, too late.

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When you or anyone says “the democrats” that fails to realize or understand there are sellout liars and complicit “Dems” and those who try to make an difference - it ais not a monolithic entity or “membership”. The entrenched “leadership” are sellouts, fools, liars and complicit to trump and his rot - but NOT all and recognizing that is the point - supporting those that try, and joining their struggle, is important

Either people resist and support those who do or become complaisant couch potatoes and the zeros they claim to stand in opposition-to. - beating the messenger is the enemies tool.

~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/aug/27/republican-convention-lies-trump-rnc – join them or resist, which will you choose?

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With drumpf and company it’s guilty until proven innocent. Seriously! Lie, cheat, steal, and then, lie again. If we ever get a real AG, they’re going to have to build bigger prisons.

And, in addition to karl rove’s permanent majority crusade, one has to wonder if mcconnell has been stacking the courts in anticipation of eventually getting off with lighter punishment when facing justice for the last 4 years.

I just love watching AOC take it to arrogant pigs! Touché!

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Don’t be a el trumpo by assigning names to individual. Who is Boof’ n Bart? how hypocritical of me to say that when referring trump as el trumpo. But please tell me as I am having a brain freeze or …

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Bret Kavanaugh.

When the dims “demand” documents, information or even action and never seem to get anything, it simply makes them look like fools to the electorate and shows they have lost all leverage in government.

Yes, except I would argue, make that 70 years because ever since Congress abdicated their Constitutional authority to declare wars America has been a military dictatorship with no accountability ! . A 740 billion war $$$$ budget…for what?

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“I don’t know, I will check with counsel,” DeJoy told Ocasio-Cortez Monday in response to her request, saying he doesn’t “want to set a precedent for my calendar to be submitted every two months.”

Dejoy, needs to check with counsel to make sure he can cover his lies.

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Back to court my friends.

Secret communications? WTF, this is the business of the people of the United States.

Hell, even most banana republics would be embarrassed at this level of corruption.

Leahy has been talking out both sides of his mouth for decades. I gave up on him after the illegal invasion of Iraq.