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Top Democrats Accuse Barr of 'Acting to Protect Donald Trump' Ahead of Mueller Report Rollout

Top Democrats Accuse Barr of 'Acting to Protect Donald Trump' Ahead of Mueller Report Rollout

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In response to news that Attorney General William Barr plans to hold a morning press conference before the Mueller report is sent to Congress on Thursday, top House Democrats accused Barr of attempting to "shape public perceptions" of the Special Counsel's findings in President Donald Trump's favor before anyone can read them.

Being hypocritical does not win votes. ‘Shape public perceptions,’ indeed. All we’ve had from the dems since Hillary stole the nominations has been perception shaping prevarication. They wont impeach and they wont offer an alternative policy agenda, they just want you to hate Trump as much as they hate the idea of owning blowing the last election. And they’ll keep offering the People nothing until it works.


Where did we get this fantasy of having a totally independent and non-partisan Attorney General? This is a political appointment. You don’t get these kinds of appointments without being partisan and in the favor of the sitting President. Even after you have the position, you serve at the pleasure of the President. What the President giveth, the President can take away. The Department of Justice is still part of the executive branch, and the President is the Chief Executive. Barr works for Trump, and will do what most employees do. He’s going to help his boss out as much as possible.


Barr Behind Bars. Don’t know that tune, would you hum a few bars? (I’d like to see AOC tend to the matter, but she’s on a different committee.)

Yeah, made me want to ask: is Mueller a saint again?

So much for separate yet equal branches of government.

The Democratic party establishment is going to ride the Mueller Report horse till it drops and, even then, they’ll continue kicking it until their feet get sore. Never mind that Trump’s supporters could care less what’s in the report; never mind that the Ds have no intention of ever impeaching Trump. Instead of getting together and taking a stand on issues the matter to voters, the carrion eating party elite will be circling the report years from now.

Just finished listening to Barr’s gibberish and white wash, and like all white wash it doesn’t stand any time. This guy is well rehearsed in double speak. He has a job at Fox waiting for him. I’m really dismayed by Rosenstein, but should have known. He was instrumental in sticking the dagger in Comey’s back. He is a small intellect with a weak sense of morality.

If this doesn’t get Barr dis-Barred, Justice is truly blind.

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Trump won the last big pot due to the Democrats refusing to articulate policy differences and stick to issues of importance and these clowns are doubling down on a pair of dueces . Is that all they got?

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Any time the Democratic™ Party holds the potential for a winning hand, it tosses away the high cards. It’s ALL bluff now.

IF they were honest and offered (out loud) their 1980’s style Republican policies they couldn’t get anyone off the couch. So all they have is No We Can’t and We’re not him

Put a fork in it, Russiagate is done. The sooner the national narrative concerns itself with the real issues of the day the better the country will be. Russiagate was a fraud concocted by the weeping losers of the Clinton campaign shortly after the election.

“I’ve honestly never seen the type of media meltdown that I’m seeing on CNN. They are so emotionally invested in the storyline that they’ve been pushing for 2+ years and they know what Mueller did to it and how this will forever reflect on them.” Glenn Greenwald

Of course he did - It was his job and the reason he was hired

Clearly no proof of Collusion LOL!

Those round glasses match his brown nose.

The sad legacy for Rod Rosenstein. He has to believe that the majority of Americans are intellectually deficient enough to buy this gibberish. The taint and stench will follow him into history.

" A lie travels half way around the world before the truth gets its pants on. "
Samuel Clemens offering his take on things after reading Animal Farm and 1984.

Democrats don’t hold any grudges I can see. When Russia-gate is truly over, and it could take years, CNN will move on and be just fine. As will the networks that are so heavily invested in the investigation mode presently.

Trump is an advertisers goose that lays golden eggs. Why move on and let the other networks get rich off of Trump? As they say “It’s just business.”

Not only will it continue, but the next prong will be a GOP counter attack. Obviously people in high government positions exceeded their authority in trying to remove a sitting president, the fireworks will probably last for years.

A contradiction: People, government and civilian, in high places, aren’t trying hard enough to get rid of this president in any legal fashion available.
The list of reasons gets tiring to lay them all out over and over again.
You have to ask yourself: Would I want to go out for a beer with Trump or Kavanaugh?
Would I be okay with Trump coming over for Thanksgiving dinner?
No? Then why in the hell would you or anyone else want him running your country?