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Top Dems Demand DeJoy Testimony, Citing 'Grave Threat' to 'Our Very Democracy'

Great link, thank you.

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Also, rest assured that Pelosi and Harris are the best of friends.

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Even now, at this late date, it is still the House of Representatives that, by law, controls all the spending.

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My pleasure. If your unfamiliar with ROF platform, they are lawyers that track class-action lawsuits out of Pensacola, FL., are left leaning, and are quick to drop vids when something newsworthy breaks.
Oh, and big time anti-Trump, and anti-gop.


Of course, you have to go to BBC to find out what is going on in the “United States.”


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Shan –

Looks like this is it –

By 2000, they had to have seen the vast increase in people voting by mail after
the W “victory.” Huge threat to their hackable computers. Gerrymandering –
and other efforts to steal elections.

We’ve been laughing at Trump for too long and waiting for someone to do something
about removing him. He is a genius at theft and criminal activity with a lot of money
behind him. If the public were to wake up to Global Warming – which is pretty much
the biggest issue they’re trying to lie about – we’d see a replay of French Revolution
at the White House, and they know it. Not only would they be held accountable –
Capitalist exploitation of all nature would immediately be stopped.

While we are being panicked by what they they are doing at the Post Office as the
centerpiece to be pulled apart to stop Vote by Mail – we must also recognize it as
Elites panicking.

See: 1992 World Scientists Warning to Humanity - where the entire list of remedies is
fully outlined – including the need to end animal-domestication/animal eating - to end
inequality and oppression – to stop destruction of animal habitat – and to ensure all
women/families have the right to birth control/abortion. And many more —

Yesterday, getting onto the Garden State Parkway here in Central NJ with two steams
of traffic coming on – there is a slight uphill area and ramp before you actually get on
the parkway – and there was a DEER grazing there.

Our towns – as though in some kind of a panic – continue to release land for LUXURY
housing – is it the fear of “affordable housing”? Evidently they have no fear of floods or
droughts which Global Warming is bringing.


Kaylie – Thank you –

Meanwhile, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has secured the signatures of 26 other Senate Democrats who object to the drastic cuts and propose various other measures and less draconian attacks. Sanders, who sometimes calls himself a “socialist,” in fact functions as a loyal member of the Democratic caucus and a supporter of the Obama administration. The Obama White House has itself announced its agreement with many of the cuts, including the elimination of Saturday mail delivery. Obama’s proposed 2013 budget also calls for the restructuring of postal employee health benefits, which will translate into postal workers paying more for their health benefits and receiving less.

It’s taken much too long for this decades and decades long attack on the Post Office to be made known to the public. It was the Post Office and workers who were being laughed at by the public, rather than being aware of the injustices being done to American workers and our neighborhood
Post Offices.

De Joy has $75 MILLION invested in various competitors with the PO - including UPS.
Imagine how much interest FED EX would have in seeing the Post Office gone.


Yep, just more empty, theatrical posturing.


Why would you regard theater as encouraging?


Why is it strange? Why would you complain when your foes act as foes, but not when your “friends” act as foes?"

And, what about the cost of WAR?

So anyhow, Tulsi made good eye candy, on stage.

But, right now we have to get the Pompeo/Bolton neocon networked types out of there. It is a two party system, which sucks big time, but it has to be dealt with.

The neoliberals can be the next phase of “project cleanliness.”

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I suspect it’s more “let’s get as much as we can before they pull the plug on us.”

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Green: Like I have posted many times, in my view , there will not be any serious REVOLUTION or Government legislation until we see this future headline:** MILLIONS DYING FROM GLOBAL WARMING; 10 TIMES WORSE THAN COVID-19!

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Beyond show, Pelosi won’t fight Trump on anything her funding corporations want.

She’s a corporate Democrat and won and holds her position because she a good corporate fundraiser (making her a good corporate tool) - Excluding bullshit and a desire to replace Trump with a corporate Democrat, I don’t see much of anything (for the masses) that recommends her.

Kaylie –

Couldn’t agree more –

Two very poisonous SNAKES in both parties –

and they are preventing third parties to rise –

We have Corporate-controlled parties and Elections –

We need to get to RANKED voting – should be demanded at Convention.

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It will be meaningless unless they can make enough NOISE to force
Senate/McConnell into actually committing to passing legislation –
and further seems unlikely given what looks like serious Dem Party
COLLUSION in this when they could have acted against it.

SNAKES in both parties that bite –

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