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Top Dems Demand IG Probe Into Possible Illegal Election Influencing in Favor of Trump by William Barr

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/18/top-dems-demand-ig-probe-possible-illegal-election-influencing-favor-trump-william


About 44 days left…Now?

What you mean-um “Possible”, Kemo Sabé??

Lock 'Em BOTH Up!!!


You can’t overthrow fascism by writing a strongly-worded letter to an IG.


The Republic has been damaged beyond repair.No single election will open up enough positions, in either of the three branches of Government, to save any mission of any department. It will take generations before anyone will be able to feel safe in the United States. I’m glad I’m turning 66 this fall, and won’t have too much time to see the experiment that started in 1789, finally, and definitely, fail.


What is there to probe? Out of his own bloated mouth…


Three weeks reading ‘Demand’ in the headlines here at CD.

But what the house democrats have gotten so far and will get is zilch, zero, zapped.

Even after election, no matter who wins. DC is lazy people looking only at their own belly button.


Barr is the GOP’s Jabba the Hutt. Looks like him, acts like him, farts like him, and is a criminal like him.
May he suffer long and hard for his many GOP crimes, going back decades.


“I, William P. Barr, Honorary Maj. Gen. of Meal Team Six, do by these coded messages authorize all actions of retribution upon those seeking to end the Reich and hereby preemptively pardon any and all participants in such activities.”


Of COURSE he is influencing. He just declared (in a Constitution Day speech at Hillsdale College, the haven for people who think the Confederacy deserved to win the War Between the States and the Tories the Revolution of 1776-1783), that the US President has essentially the same powers as a crowned monarch. That whirring sound you hear is the REAL Federalists of the Revolutionary period turning over in their graves.


Liking your post, may I add that the fate of the movie Jabba the Hutt be inflicted on his most dishonorable fascist look-alike wm. barr. W/out delay, or mercy.

Nothing sticks to these sleezes. Barely anybody is, or has tried to hold these jerks accountable.
We are going to become more sand more angry.