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Top Dems Raise "Grave Concerns" Over Sessions' Role in Comey Firing


Top Dems Raise "Grave Concerns" Over Sessions' Role in Comey Firing

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Top House Democrats on Friday raised concerns that Attorney General Jeff Sessions violated the law and lied under oath to Congress if he directly participated in President Donald Trump's decision to fire FBI director James Comey.


I am standing outside my Congressman,, Albio Sires, office on Monday, asking that impeachment investigation and probable impeachment proceedings begin...
In Jersey City....5/15/17....
I hope others do likewise....
I will stand out there Tuesday.every day I have available, I am standing out there..
this TYRANNY has to stop NOW..


The photo accompanying this article speaks volumes about the fiendish monster occupying this human form. This leopard will never change his spots and his evil populates every cell in his mind and body. He, too has a lot to lose with the ongoing investigation of Russian ties. Now, the "tapes" of Session's conversation with DJT, his fellow demon, would be particularly revelatory and totally incriminating. Of course he wanted Comey GONE!


My, Oh My... Raising "Grave Concerns." Now that's hard-hitting, courageous, effect leadership. We are blessed, just blessed, to have the Dems in opposition to their "friends" on the other side of the aisle. I can't hold back my tears of joy -- nor my vomit.


The current string of "strongly worded letters" is rattling the very foundations of our government.

I heard a rumor that the Democrats will be shaking their fists even harder. Unprecedented!


May I add this...
Senator Feinstein sent out an e-mail in response to the complaints she's receiving about Trumpy; she starts one of her paragraphs with: "...If President Trump is to succeed..."
On which effing planet?


The Peter Principal applies to this little 'Keebler Elf.'