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Top DOJ Civil Rights Lawyer Resigns So She Can Battle DOJ's Attack on Civil Rights

Top DOJ Civil Rights Lawyer Resigns So She Can Battle DOJ's Attack on Civil Rights

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A top civil rights attorney who has spent her entire law career at the Department of Justice is leaving to work for the nation's largest LGBTQ litigation group, Lambda Legal, in a move that will likely mean fighting against Attorney General Jeff Sessions' efforts to fortify the Trump administration's attacks on LGBTQ rights.


This is a dedicated public servant, putting her country before her own career in the DOJ.


Regardless ones political beliefs or alignment, the reality that this trump regime is completely mental and reflects the pathology and malignant ego/narcissism of trump, and NOT in your, your families, or our nations best interests should be apparent at this point! Even to the most ill-informed and brainwashed or partisan person there is something very wrong - not normal and a grave threat to America and ALL its people!.

The threat to the republic, Constitution, and Bill of Rights is, or should be crystal clear to any even modestly awake and moral person! ENOUGH!


Absolutely right! Enough! ENOUGH! ENOUGH!
*Wake up, EVERYBODY! We’re in a heap of trouble and only concerted action by We the People to get rid of fascism has a chance to save this nation, and probably the world.
*This courageous lady is showing the way.
*Don’t “Go along to get along,” Fight back!


At least she got to resign.

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First they came for the immigrants…


It goes beyond attacks on LGBTQI community. Our (and that includes everybody) sexual freedom is at risk from new bills passed by Congress:

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I’m in a strange position where I know about one of the DOJ Civil Rights Lawyers that has just resigned. Not Diana Flynn. Yes, this story is accurate.


Well, this is an unusual spin on the gov’t/private revolving door.
Can’t complain too much about this one. Its the DOJ’s loss and our gain- sort of.

History will likely find the most succinct term to describe the Trump presidency is MURKIN BRAIN DRAIN. Trump’s political career was launched by a base that takes comfort in seeing things like facts and evidence on Trump’s ever growing list of enemies. Upon becoming POTUS Trump has either fired or driven out those who apply facts, logic, science or evidence rather than getting into lockstep with his administration’s command and control ideology.

The brain drain is not limited to government appointees. Many very bright students in our area have enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in universities abroad where they pay the same tuition (actual dollars, not inflation adjusted dollars) that I paid in California public universities a half century ago. Many of the programs are taught in English, specifically to attract Murkins escaping Trump the way many scientists escaped Hitler.

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Maybe this is the swamp Trump wants to drain? It is just not a swamp, but a pristine lake that he is trying to turn into a cesspool of toxic waste. Just saw a bumper sticker: 1 of every 3 Trump voters is as stupid as the other 2!

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yuppers… drain bamage

She has ethics while the Trumpenstein monster has none. She needs to run for president to replace the Trumpenstein monster. I would vote for her!!!

The DOJ under Obama was a weaponized group who discriminated against conservatives. They were also a highly partisan and leftist politized bunch. It would be a good thing if ALL Obamabots there were to follow her example.


Good news guys:

We showed the neoliberals what for in 2016!

I really cannot get over how stupid some “progressives” were about Trump in the presidential election. We need a Democratic Congress, especially the Senate. We haven’t even begun to feel what Trump’s judiciary is going to do. Only a Democratic Senate can slow the nomination process.

Apparently not many of you radicalized extremists know this but Barrack Obama wasn’t the President of the United States in 1984. That would have been President Ronald Reagan.

Every time that we get bummed out when the likes of Sessions, Trump and their ilk are screwing things up, another hero like Flynn arrives on the scene to cheer us on. Watching the sausage being made is truly a messy thing. G