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Top Five Things Congress Should Investigate Instead of Benghazi


Top Five Things Congress Should Investigate Instead of Benghazi

Juan Cole

The fruitless carnival barking that was the GOP Benghazi inquisition did the nation the disservice of taking focus off the things really wrong with US policies, and places there really was wrongdoing. So here are some suggestions for real investigations:


Bingo, bingo, bingo. Thanks for saving me my efforts...


Although Mr. Cole may be sympathetic to Hillary and/or the Democratic party, it doesn't change the FACT that he made an excellent case here for the IDIOCY of what gets media time and theoretical congressional oversight and what does not.

Benghazi is a tiny ripple in a massive war machine, ecological extraction machine, and control machine. And all of the items Mr. Cole raises are FAR more important than the B.S. that gets bounced around because it's effective politics-as-sport theater.

It's blood to the less-informed segment of the masses and 100% distraction to all of the things that DO count far more.

Consider that instead of your own wish, in this case, to play the party divisive card.


I'd go a little easier on Juan Cole. Just because he points out the crimes that corpor ate America and some Republicans have committed, doesn't automatically make him a shill for HRC. His partner, Amy Goodman, has never gone easy on HRC and both of them have come out against every war the U.S. has waged in their lifetimes regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican were responsible. Also, if we were actually successful in punishing any of these corporate crime lords as Juan Cole advocates, don't you think that Democrats would think twice before folllowing in their footsteps?


I don't see him as a shill, but rather as a wind sock.


Right, genius... because in this context, pushing Cole's political loyalties is more important than the all too valid issues he raises?

And you guys pretend there's no Tag Team operating in these threads.

At the same time as you push the idea that both parties answer to the same donors, YOU turn around and make a big deal of any pundit, writer, or journalist who shows a modicum of loyalty to the Dems rather than the Repugs.

So which is it? Both parties are totally playing for the same owners--and therefore, a pundit's team loyalty becomes irrelevant--or there IS a difference in some matters?

In either case, the 5 items Mr. Cole mentions are FAR more important than turning the article into a pissing contest between two largely purchased political parties. THAT is not what's relevant to the points Mr. Cole mentions.... meaning, YOU and JOHNNY don't want to discuss those far more significant items!


Juan Cole is not Amy Goodman's partner. Not all Juans are the same Hispanic guy.


Personally, I have NEVER registered with a political party.


Juan Cole is admired for his breadth of Middle East knowledge, a writing style that is informative, engaging and easily readable, and his courage.

Professor Cole teaches at the University of Michigan, and his perspective is challenged by rightwing political cabals. Even Big Ten universities are subject to this onslaught, as Purdue University is headed by a rightwing political hack who's best known for his anti-Howard Zinn tantrum, and the University of Iowa recently hired an IBM affiliate with no academic experience --by his admission-- as its president.

This exhortation is another commendable piece from Professor Cole, and I'm pleased to be able to read it and comment on it here.


Great article Mr Cole. I would like to add one that has caused more pain, corruption and death worldwide than most:

  1. Investigate the publicly traded racist, fascist War on Drugs/Private Prison Complex and who is making billions from the persecution, imprisoning, disenfranchisement and death of millions of mostly poor, young minorities of color. Those that use our criminal system and penitentiaries to incarcerate black people in mass to keep them from voting for liberals, to protect Big Pharma, the DEA, the spy establishment, the police that confiscate, sell and profit from other people's property. Those that want to raise the price of illegal drugs making some turn to cheaper deadlier ones and lead to murderous drug cartels and gangs like liquor prohibition before it. That want to use the Drug War as an excuse to invade countries like Panama and kill thousands of innocents as a show of force. That by politics, fear and religious authoritarianism, want to dictate to all what we should ingest. That want to treat addiction as a crime instead of as a preventable and treatable disease. Start by investigating the conservatives that want to keep the Drug War raging worldwide to line their pockets and win elections on the blood of poor young people of color in Mexico, Latin America and here in the US.


Cole's item 4 is a gross understatement of the problem when you consider that Koch Brothers' hampering solar power in Florida is just the tip of the iceberg.

Both the Kochs and Sam Walton's heirs (through their First Solar Corporation) are lobbying governments in every state to create disincentives for all but the biggest corporations to invest in solar. This cartel is also coaching electric utilities in every state to create the same disincentives. They have already succeeded in Arizona.


Seeing how the 1% can afford to purchase any party that develops a significant following, the time has come to outlaw political parties.



Investigate the blatantly unconstitutional drone assassination program.


The issue of things that merit investigation by Congress rather than the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi is different from Juan Coles' open support for the Libyan "civil war" - his views on the assassination of Gaddafi I don't know.

The aftermath of the Libyan coup and Libyas current status as a lawless gangland certainly merits investigation and who engineered what can only be described as the destruction of Libya - rather like the destruction and lawless divided, catastrophic status of Iraq and Syria. It's almost like the destruction of these nation-states that, while not "democratic" or "humanitarian", did have some redeeming value - value that suited the US when we wanted it so - "they were SOB's, but they were our SOB's" (variously attributed quote). Bottom-line is the societies that once existed in iraq, Libya, Syria among other places, have been destroyed and millions suffered and continue to suffer perhaps by design by forces that should be identified and held to account.......

criticism of Cole's views on Libya

Coles support for the Libya putsch (and destruction of society)


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Accurate, comprehensive, and well written with informative links! Thanks!


I agree w/thosethat posited that mebbe the biggest crime is AGAINST HUMANITY by allowing dirty fossil fuels&profiteers to spread lies. Sierra Club et al had to fight tooth&nail to get limited permission here in SUNNY SC so I can get solar panels.Kochsuckers profit from old energy; I am reminded of another argument and what
Gloria Steinem said of it: ;"If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament." It's the same old same old w/Neanderthals that wanna prevent renewable energies because of their profits. Another wise person once said, "They'd sell u the rope to hang them with" EXXON and Kochsuckers and their ilk get my vote as the biggest crooks of them all. If they have their way, we won't even HAVE a planet to sit on & argue amongst ourselves.


Furthermore, all u posters herein: Vote for TheChangeYouREALLYCanBelieveIn: SANDERS FOR PRESIDENT.Debbie Wasserman Schultz & the MSM have done their darndest to stick Shillary down our throats when she is a con artist, a liar, and a finger-in-the-wind slippery bought-and-paid-for corporate shill. Bernie Sanders has been for us ordinary mortals for his entire political life. He has said that climate chaos must be addressed asap. He says that we must educate our young people if our country is even to have a future. You can go to http://citizensagainstplutocracy.org and take the pledge to write in Sanders name if he is not acclaimed as the Democratic Party nominee. Furthermore, donate whatever you can afford and volunteer also to elect PROGRESSIVE candidates so Bernie can have a forward-looking Congress w/which to work. Vote out intellectually challenged creeps like Trey Gowdy and his equally partisan, stupid cohorts. FEEL THE BERN!


Thanks JonnyJames for that article. It is obvious in that article that Cole supported the invasion under the naive idea that Libyans would be better off. I would suspect that Cole would defend his position there by saying that the proper 'follow up' of aid and security is the reason Libya became a failed State. Cole was clearly enthusiastic about Libya's future prospects when he wrote that article, but he was also a cheerleader for that invasion.