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Top Four Things You Need to Know About Obama's FY2016 Budget Proposal


Top Four Things You Need to Know About Obama's FY2016 Budget Proposal

President Obama's budget proposal for fiscal year 2016 contains many initiatives that would be widely popular with the American people based on opinion polling. Our research team has analyzed the numbers in Obama's $4 trillion budget and provided a report on what his proposal means for key popular priorities. Here are the top four things you need to know (plus a few bonus items):


“Six in 10 Americans believe wealthy individuals and corporations don’t pay their fair share in taxes.”

They still won’t under this budget - as long as “unearned income” fails to be taxed at the same level as, or preferably higher than, “earned income”, the system can hardly be considered fair …

Until the income tax becomes considerably more progressive with higher rates at the upper end of the income scale, it can hardly be considered “fair” that folks who make ( i deliberately do not use the term “earn”) absurd amounts of money, far beyond what anyone needs to be comfortable, on the backs of others, don’t have to give a lot of it back …

$534 billion for DOD plus $51 billion for war vs $11.4 billion for clean energy/CO2 reduction?
Well, it’s pretty clear the Pres has his head up his hemorrhoids when it comes to “homeland security” …


“The budget proposal would invest $7.4 billion in clean energy technologies, an area that received significant cuts in 2015. It would also provide $4 billion over 10 years for a Clean Power State Incentive Fund to help states exceed planned reductions in carbon emissions.”

Yet the same Obama is opening up all the Atlantic coast for more off shore drilling? Now that’s something that will happen. Meanwhile these proposals are just kabuki theater to help Hillary get elected in 2016. Everyone knows none of this will happen.


Exactly, where was the ‘‘populist’’ Obama during the first 6-years?
It’s all a dog & pony show.
Now Prez.O is trying to appeal to his base
at the same time pushing for TPP etc.


I’m inclined to agree. Hand it out with one hand and take it back with the other.


A lot of people are turning sour on Hillary. I hope it continues. She will have a lot of money behind her though.


Here’s hoping that another good Independent person (preferably someone from the Green Party, like Jill Stein, for example.), runs for POTUS in 2016.