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Top Global Scientists Call for 'Profound Food System Transformation' to Combat Extreme Malnutrition

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/16/top-global-scientists-call-profound-food-system-transformation-combat-extreme

Our modernized, industrialized food supply is essentially defective due to an excess of linoleic acid in prepared foods and restaurant fare and excessive arachidonic acid in grain-fed livestock. Unfortunately, mainstream scientists continue to admonish the public to swap saturated fats for polyunsaturated oils. And the food supply is configured accordingly. https://medium.com/@davebnep/dr-kassam-c5da99b514ad

For some historical perspective, Google - Youtube Omega-6 Apocalypse

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Provided that there are still any growing seasons anywhere –

I believe it grows fast and is good for the ozone layer as well –

good for everything – much to know about hemp.

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I recall reading a local newspaper featuring an article of a local man who was a volunteer with Oxfam in the developing world.

He pointed out that in all the famines he experienced, not once did he see markets empty of food. What he did see was people with no money to buy it.

This is the crux of the issue. Food is a commodity which is produced to make profits to, not to feed people. A successful food system is one that delivers well being, social justice and environmental stewardship.

The question of “how to feed the world’s increasing population”, does it really mean we need to increase food production, or is it a question of re-prioritizing the what, how, and who of food production?

It is not as if lack of agricultural production is the reason for the billion people who are hungry; after all, annual food waste itself is enough to take care of the food needs of the hungry people today, let alone the vast quantity of food crops that is diverted to bio-based products that are used as part of luxury consumption or as alternate fuel sources, let alone the vast quantities that are used for animal feed.

Biofuels crops and burning of food for our cars compete with food production, for the land and for the water that sustains food crops. Those calling the tune are the powerful commercial interests capturing the benefits of high prices and subsidised demand for their products.

It is not a matter of too many mouths to feed as some frequently assert but of the current industrial mass production of food for profit that is a political, economic and social crisis that has devastating effects on human health and threatens the survival of the planet.

We have a junk society so we get junk food. Obesity is a symptom of poverty.


Measured optimism (of a sort) from Jonathan Cook:

Nonetheless, we have the future on our side, dark as it may be. The planet isn’t going to heal itself with Johnson, Donald Trump and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro in charge. It’s going to get a lot sicker, a lot quicker. Our economy isn’t going to become more productive, or more stable, after Brexit. Britain’s economic fate is going to be tied even more tightly to the United States’, as resources run out and environmental and climate catastrophes (storms, rising seas levels, flooding, droughts, crop failures, energy shortages) mount. The contradictions between endless growth and a planet with finite resources will become even starker, the crashes of 2008 more familiar.

Corbyn’s Defeat has Slain the Left’s Last Illusion

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Yep, the earth is finite and so are its resources. Too many people = starvation eventually. But so long as it is profitable to supply the demand, nothing will change at the top or the bottom.


I’m disappointed to see that the article did not comment on if, or how, the profit motive of major international food corporations is behind the problems in the global diet.

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The IMF and World Bank put in a clause so that African countries could receive loans… they were not allowed to grow Hemp.
Wow …do you know why ?
As it’s seed is one of the best foods for the human body ,you can practically live of just the seed .No malnutrition and no more preventable deaths due to starvation .
Other than that so many uses for this extraordinary plant. You could become self sufficient in so many nonrewneable resources at a tenth of the cost.
The powers that be ,can’t have that .They want dependence.
The Achilles Heel of Humanity is dependence.

We are so unevolved on this planet .
It’s the lack of will to get the food to where it’s needed most not the lack of food .
Look how much food waste there is in any one of our major cities .


Yes I agree fully and so does most of the cognizant world.
Unfortunately our current administration in the U.S. believes that the earth is 6,000 years old and man rode dinosaurs along with a substantial part of our population evidently. Not what I would describe as ‘cognizant’!
I guess they are currently waiting for and/or trying to cause the ‘rapture’ to solve all of our current problems!

I agree.
And I am disappointed that they did not mention restorative farming as a way forward to save what top soil we have left on earth today.

Hemp –

Thank you for the many educating comments you deliver here –
Had no idea that just the Hemp seed would do so much – it is truly a wonder plant
as most of our plants are when they’re not destroyed by Elites looking for opportunities
to sell inferior products – like our medicines by Big Pharma.

There isn’t anywhere where the US couldn’t deliver Hemp seed – or food from the
Hemp plants. Imagine the Vatican also knows this about Hemp. Too many lies still
being told by leaders of the world – and intended to confuse the public.

And in the case of our own present government and the Vatican, it is certainly racism
in regard to Africa.