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Top Government Adviser in Iran Warns Military Action by Trump Would Lead to 'Full-Fledged War'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/19/top-government-adviser-iran-warns-military-action-trump-would-lead-full-fledged-war

OK Moscow Mitch, will you let your presidential puppet go Apeshit on your watch leaving you with a World War 3 legacy?

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Drumpf rationale: “If we’re at war, then maybe SCOTUS will halt the election for National Emergency reasons…yeah, let’s do it. I’ve got nothing to lose.”


These right wing evangelical radicals need to be sent packing now. They are a danger to life on earth.


Right now, Donald Trump’s legacy is as a failed businessman who whined like a toddler when he lost the election. And the guy who allowed hundreds of thousands to die from a “hoax”.

That cannot stand.

How about the guy who started World War III?
No one will forget me now!


Does No one in the WH or Senate understand that instigating a war with Iran will make us the country the other nations will ally against? With all the ill-will that Cheeto and company have spread everywhere, who in the hell do they think will be on our side? Israel? The Philippines? Maybe his supporters’ militias? Big deal; they’re not exactly universally loved. Russia, North Korean, and China are just waiting.


Also note that Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan and a war with Iran will result in exponentially more US “casualties” compared to those wars.

Of course, exponential casualties mean nothing to Trump, Moscow Mitch and his other enablers who have already officially killed 250,000 Americans, more if you consider the Covid-19 deaths not counted.


This is a wet dream for all the “End of Days” people.

Remember two things folks —

  1. Only a nuclear weapon can destroy the Iranians nuclear capability.
  2. Trump wants to be seen in history as the toughest and most feared ever.

Those two lead to very bad things for the world.


US America which actually dropped two atomic bombs over Japan’s citizens and has more WMDs than all the nations combined is harassing Iran over its own nuclear program? Absurd hypocrisy. We all need to move away from nuclear weapons and nuclear energy but this harassment may actually lead to Iran acquiring a bomb of their own.


Just more destructive zealotry, with false interpretation of scripture. All very mindless and dangerous.


Do the Saudis & other GCC ( Gulf Coast Countries ) really want to be proxies for Isreali fever dreams regarding the annihilation of Iran? They certainly will get their comfortable world rocked by Iran’s all-in response to Trump’s ( Jared’s ) last ditch attempt to create chaos. Thus, creating an atmospheric whirlwind, and the skinny chance to dodge the long arm of the NY State legal system.
Trump is running out of juice and … well, with Pompeo outlandish/dangerous/despicable moves faster than Rudy’s cheap and dirty dye job runs down his sweaty fat cheeks.
Have you seen Trump sweat like Rudy? I bet it’s 50/50 that we will eventually. Come on Democrats, throw Trump & Company in jail, please.

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Apparently Trump is worried on his legacy. He will be the first President in decades not to have started new war on another Country.

What was it that PNAC idiot said prior to Bush invading Iraq? Real men go to Tehran?

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Utter failure is to be expected from an Cheeto faced, ferret wearing ShitGibbon.

Just wondering if israel is actually ignorant enough to think Iran won’t strike against them all over the world… sometime it seems like bibi the corrupt is also bibi the ignorant. Perhaps their personal willful ignorance is something they need to address first.

Since religion is the root of all evil, anything to do with it is tainted by death.
The religious are uniform in their uselessness to mankind. Nothing more than a millstone.

Evolution isn’t done… religion and its useless believers are still here.

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Maybe so. Nevertheless, it appears science is gradually making allowance for Consciousness, that inexplicable aspect of our being as supposed biological robots that somehow affects our apparent reality. Consciousness exists in each of us and survives our corporeal death. Christian religion provides a place for the Consciousness within us. A place commonly called “Heaven”. I rather embrace the concept. There just has to be a better place than here. I want my reward for seventy years of hell.