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Top Hillary Clinton Advisers and Fundraisers Lobbied Against Obamacare



Her sheep's clothing is starting to fall off...


Strange bedfellows


Yes, Hillary is “going to defend Dodd-Frank” and “defend President Obama for taking on Wall Street” - Hilarious! If past is prologue, what Obama promised then abandoned, would be similar to what Hillary is now promising (and "defending") and would not be delivered. Lest we forget....

These laughable comments by the darling of banker/Wall St and hedge-fund parasites show how tone-deaf and disconnect Hillary Clinton is, beside all the other machinations and distortions by the "Red Queen".

Dodd-Frank is/was a charade and utter failure - yet another sop to business-as-usual from complicit politicians, especially corrupt corporate Dems!

As far as Obama "taking on Wall Street", I haven't seen any "taking-on" yet, sir, either by Obama or his do-nothing "Justice" Dept under AG Holder or replacement Loretta Lynch! That specious claim clearly omits Obama's recycled Clinton Rubinite de-regulators installed as Obama's financial team. It was the Rubinites under Bill Clinton behind the rescission of Glass-Steagall Clinton signed. Absent also are the TBTF banks/banker criminals who orchestrated and committed the crimes/usury that led to the 2008 "economic downturn" that cost so may Americans so much! Not a one prosecuted.




I clicked like, then clicked it again and it turned like off. I then clicked like again and it told me I was not permitted to like it. Anyway, I like your comment.


Duplicity AGAIN? Oh, well, it was the Clintons. What else do you expect?