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Top Investigator Says British Soldiers May Face Prosecution for Iraq Crimes



You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Look OUT, one might have to legally declare War ILLEGAL.


Yes slow justice but that is the Brits. Shamefully slow to prosecute to be sure!

On the other hand - on the other side of the Atlantic, that is - we don't prosecute at all.


If it does not go to the top, it's bullshit.


Well, the "top", while safe here under the present system, does not get away completely unscathed.
See: http://wearechange.org/bush-cancels-europe-trip-amid-calls-for-his-arrest/


How about Blair?


How easily the USA declined to prosecute Bush, Cheney, Obama, etc. for war crimes that have been on the books for decades. The Brits will do the same. Sorry, folks, war IS a crime. It just won't be prosecuted in the USA/UK.


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Typical. Throw to the wolves a few lowly low-lifes. Ignore Tony Blair and the rest plotting the supreme international crime of levying aggressive war.


It may be typical over there, but when it comes to the war crimes of the US government, 'typical' is a more than a step up.


I agree with your statement, but find it appalling that you can't even spell Cheney correctly. Also, if you say thats ... it's a contraction for "that is." In other words, it gets an apostrophe! Ditto for the word lets. It's let's (as indicative of let us).


I think it's likely that you, "Tcarlson" also post as "Marlboro."

How probable is it that 2 posters in a small sampling would both spell Chaney instead of Cheney!

The illiteracy shown in these threads is pathetic!


...Another rendition of the "few bad apples" theory... always useful for keeping the same protocols in place.


And we still have "Gitmo" in Cuba in which the US government still illegally holds real people, indefinitely, as a spotlight for the world to see our 'leaders' for who they are and us as a people for what we will tolerate. They hate us for our freedoms? They certainly don't envy us for our bravery.


Okay, I fixed it. Oh, I'm not the same guy as marlborough (you spelled that wrong). Why no comment on what I actually wrote?


They always investigate the little guy, and completely overlook the big criminals who planed and orchestrated the crimes. Bush and Cheney on several occasions have publicly admitted to authorizing torture. Tony Blair willingly carried out all of their policies. Bush said he authorized waterboarding. His advisers told him it was not torture. History and court president tells us that it is. Since the inquisition waterboarding has been considered torture. We convicted and executed Japanese soldiers for waterboarding. They don't need a costly investigation. All they need to do is arrest and bring to trial people who have publicly confessed to war crimes. Why are they not doing this? Why are they going alter the small grunts, who were probably following orders? Why are we only blaming the little guys that have carried out the big boy's war crimes ? I think the answer to that is that the criminals are still in charge.