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Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist Reportedly Assassinated Near Tehran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/27/top-iranian-nuclear-scientist-reportedly-assassinated-near-tehran




I don’t think there is much doubt that US, Israel, and Saudi Arabian “leaders” are responsible for this.


As a scientist/engineer with Iranian friends I grieve for their loss. It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no senator’s son, or sentiments along those lines…


Imagine that: two countries that actually have nuclear WMDs, one that actually dropped two atomic bombs over crowded Japanese cities, want to “prevent” another from acquiring them even as their religion forbids it and the UN has verified their nuclear program is not for WMDs.

None of them are making our world safer and eliminating all things nuclear.


Does provoking another conflict get trump to pull something, or has he already done something.


Giovanna-Lepore…and don’t forget about the USA’s Usage of Depleted-Uranium artillery shells on the civilians of Iraq in most recent years…(google search the deformed Iraqi babies, horrendous) …and testing on the US Populations in the 1950s & 60s on the Southwest USA testing ranges, with much of the fallout migrating Eastward…

An October Surprise…Trump-Bolton-Pompeo…will do anything to retain power…a new war and martial law to put the Biden Presidency on indefinite hold…the ignorance of the few to endanger the many…Trump is truly a demented madman.


From Jeffrey’s Roaming Charges:

Both Axios and Haaretz are reporting that the likelihood of a US strike on Iran before Trump leaves office is so high that Israel is already preparing for retaliatory strikes.


Read Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare by Gareth Porter. Iran never had a nuclear weapons program. The story is a decades old fabrication repeated endlessly by Israel and the U.S. And for the U.S. well we want our oil back.



trumpy trying to provoke a war, or israel trying to drag us into one, at least we know what those jackals were doing in their “meeting” recently.


If Iran did not have a Nuclear weapons program then , US and Israeli actions clearly demonstrate they need one now.


Once again, isNotreal is bringing the american people to fund a war with their enemies. Both dems and gop are lap dogs doing what their masters say…


“None of them are making our world safer and eliminating all things nuclear.”

Making “our world safer” has never been their agenda, protecting corporate interests is their job.


BTW if people think Biden will walk a war against Iran back , think again. He appoints hawks that were part and parcel of the PNAC group which suggested iran in the cross hairs for regime change. Biden has also indicated even stronger support for Israel.

While he might early on try and get Iran to sign onto a treaty as they did under Obama , it will have as its purpose ensuring Iran can not respond when the PNAC crew decides “real men go to Tehran”.


Adelson, et al did not spend $300,000,000 putting and trying to keep
Trump in office for a tee shirt …


It seems pretty damn clear to me at least that this is another case of treason by the trump regime and its Zionist masters in Israel and the US!

This is an act of war designed and intended to foment wider war and/or conflict baiting Iran to respond, and to hamstring the incoming Biden admin. Israeli leaders and US traitors further subvert our sovereignty and transfer of power with a new Iranian dialogue… Iran and its people has been a better friend to the world, ME/NA, and US interests as an “enemy” than Israelis as a so-called “friend” as been, being instead an actual enemy over many decades!

NEVEF FORGET the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty by “our friend” and the cover-up by Israel and the US government, or their involvement in the Beirut, Lebanon Marine Barack’s bombing!


One does wonder what type of secret nuclear research Iran could be conducting that is not associated with nuclear weapons. I worked for a time in the US civilian nuclear industry and there was no effort at secrecy what so ever other than physical security precautions.


Israel is calculating that Iran will not respond because of the incoming Biden administration.


Good news of a sort: Donald Trump has finally come to the realization that he is going to lose the election. Unfortunately, that’s why he aims to start a lame duck war against a militarily pretty large country.

Most of our nation lives within various types and waves of insanity. In this case, we assume that we can borrow an infinite amount of treasure from the lending community and that we can spend an infinite amount of blood from our traditional cannon fodder regions, and then we can use this treasure and blood to extremely cheaply rent out our army to any foreign potentate, with various kickbacks to specific friends of our own government.

We have bombed 17 different nations under Trump (so far). We have these tiny forces in many countries, all little Vietnams.

Finally, Mr. Trump is going to draw down those forces by January 20, leaving even more vulnerable target forces in each foreign country after angering the local rebels. Mr. Biden can then clean up a vast number of these messes.


I’m thinking slightly different. Imagine three hundred high
level Iranian military personnel with their finger next to red
buttons. The screen flashes “FIRE”.

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