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Top Russian Official: US Meddling in Our Upcoming Presidential Election

Top Russian Official: US Meddling in Our Upcoming Presidential Election

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election continues to intensify, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the state-run RIA news agency on Monday that the U.S. is actively attempting to interfere in his country's upcoming presidential election.

From the article:

“‘That the United States has a rich tradition of meddling in the internal affairs and electoral processes in many countries throughout the world, including our country, is not a secret for anyone,’ Peskov said.”

I think it would come as a surprise to the majority of USAns, raised to accept without question the unique and inherent righteousness of their country. Most of the rest of the world’s population, of course, is under no such illusions.


Why, because USA USA We’re #1

Yes, we get the gold medal for meddling.


I keep wondering why I am apparently addicted to all the bad news?

Is it possible that most people are simply too wrapped up in day to day survival (precariats), or career advancement (yuppies), and are effectively ‘hors de combat’ politically – read:

‘zero-summers’ instead of tribalists in the good sense of being one for all and all for one ??

Social, in other words, and realists, recognizing that it is only a matter of time before we are all drawn in to a Syrian type existence ???

PS: Until we are all ‘failed states’ ???

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I was fortunate to stumble across Voltaire in my early twenties. His works helped me understand why my gut instinct told me to keep away from the military that was very actively recruiting me at the time. The biting satire of his writings shattered any tinge of blind patriotism that imbued my being. Merci beaucoup François-Marie Arouet!


To be “in the know” comes at a great price, doesn’t it. I think that a lot of CD readers/posters feel that it is the responsible way to live, despite that reality. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is still a bridge too far for me. I do find myself needing to push back from the abyss more than I do, however.

I do not think many outside Russia really understand how popular Putin is with the Russian people. He is referred to as a despot and dictator even with over 80 percent support of the electorate.

Since Yeltsin the lot of the ordinary Russian has improved dramatically.

Russian debt has plummeted from 92 percent GDP to 18 percent
Russia is now the single largest exporter of wheat in the world and their agricultural sector booming.
PPP before putin was 9900 dollars per citizen it now 28000.
Wages have climbed from 65 dollars per month to 650 per month.
Pensions per month were 20 dollars under Yeltsin and are now 220.
Unemployment has dropped from 13 percent to 5 percent.
The percentage of persons working has climbed from 53 percent to 66 percent.
Russian economic output has increased 600 percent.
Inflation has dropped from 36 percent to under 3 percent.
Foreign reserves have climbed from 17 billion to 360 billion.
Russian gold reserves have climbed 500 percent.

All of this happening even as Russia is under sanctions from the West and within the span of some 17 years.


Psst … Hey You … Pssst … Yes You! The Russians Are Coming! The Russians are Coming! The Rabid Ruskies Are Coming! Psst … I heard they hacked the Oscars last night! Can you believe it? The Oscars - Perhaps. But not the 2016 elections. Two simple reasons precluded the Russians from hacking the last election: the DNC and the RNC were too busy hacking both the primary and general elections. Besides in our duopoly the Democratic Wing and the Republican Wing of the Wall Street Owned One Party System (WOOPS) play musical chairs every 2 and 4 years to see whose turn it is to run the Empire. There ain’t no room for the Russians or any other foreign actor to hack an election and defeat the candidates that the two wings have chosen for our National Game of Charades. Besides when the choice is between Tweedle Dumber and Tweedle More Dumber (insert choice here) the Lighthouse always quits working and we wind up as non swimmers shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic!


Not much different than HEIL HITLER!

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Exception: still a secret to the brainwashed, American,sheeple!


Russian elections are a farce. They may as well declare Putin the winner now and forget about another pretend election. Is there a Russian Nate Silver analyzing the polls in Russia? What are Putin’s odds of winning? My guess is 100%. Putin’s widely expected to win? It is more like in the March 18 election Putin will win. Trump may as well congratulate him now.

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Still, you have to admit, knowing that Putin will win in a landslide; if he were to suddenly and unexpectedly see the results reversed, it would be hilarious! He would split a seam. It would “almost” be worth it to announce that we had hacked their election results to see Vlad’s head explode.

(hey, I said almost worth it…)

After All…we did go head-to-head in Ukraine and we won!!! /sarc

That is what the Eastern religions call mass karma and according to their perspective, they claim that is why Nazi Germany and its German people suffered such horrible and devastating losses.

Lets hope they are wrong!


Since the beginning of this whole “the Russians hacked our election” nonsense I’ve been waiting to find out what will happen to the Democratic National Committee for their crimes in “hacking” the 2016 Democratic primary. It seems as clear as could be that the entire affair is an effort to divert everyone’s attention from the very real, provable and obvious crimes of Podesta, HRC, Debbie WS et al. And the answer is: nothing. Nothing at all will be done. The DNC will continue to pursue right wing, Republican-lite policies, put corporate clones indistinguishable from their Republican cohorts in charge, and nothing will change. Nothing. But by all mean, Amerikans, go after the Russkis, as it is clear they are the No. 1 threat to your freedom.


You’re post is spot on. With his composure, and careful consideration on this matter, I view Putin as a friend to the American people. Smart enough to deny extradition.

And will most likely get away with murder.

“US meddling in Russian elections” now that’s rich. I just read an article where the the Secretary of State, Mr. Rex-the-Russians-are-going-to-meddle-again-but-there’s-nothing-we-can-do-about-it-Tillerson, whose department is apparently charged with preventing such meddling in our elections, has not spent one cent of the $120 MILLION dollars that have been allocated to prevent such meddling. That’s right, Mr. Tillerson and his cabal are setting us up for Trump to steal the next election and affect the outcome of the mid-terms. This stuff is serious as we appear to be on our way to a Republican coup of our poor excuse of a democracy (referring to the electoral college here). They’ve become acutely aware that they won’t be able to continue winning elections with their wedge issues coupled with their gerrymandering, so now for sure they will take advantage of our outdated and vulnerable voting machines to steal elections that way while blaming it on Russian meddling.

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So like the vast majority of Americans who voted for…

Your measures of ‘Quality of Life’ are all Revenue based.

Good to see it is also working so well for them.

Now about those assassinated Candidates

From the Trib…http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-critics-of-vladimir-putin-who-died-20170325-story.html

“But Putin’s critics couldn’t help drawing parallels with the unexplained deaths of other Kremlin foes. “I have an impression - I hope it’s only an impression - that the practice of killing political opponents has started spreading in Russia,” said Gennady Gudkov, a former parliamentarian and ex-security services officer, to the Moscow Times.”

Make no mistake it is a Hybrid Mafia Gov’t

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