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Top Sanders Aide David Sirota Explains Why Billionaire Class Will Support "Coronavirus Care for All" But Never "Medicare for All"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/07/top-sanders-aide-david-sirota-explains-why-billionaire-class-will-support


Of course they will. It’s another taxpayer funded BAILOUT for the industry and leaves the parasitic industry intact.

so “nothing will fundamentally change”
This will be something that dementia Joe, Nancy Chuck and the rest of the Uniparty can get behind

BTW anyone heard a peep out of Nancy or Joe lately?


One point only - who would you rather have leading and addressing the nation in this crisis? Trump, Biden or Sanders?


Is this a trick question?


Perhaps, just perhaps, this is why Billionaire Gates is such a proponent of vaccines…


Precisely. And every radical has been trying to explain this to every deluded knucklehead out there that thinks all that needs to be done to change things is merely explain our plight to our masters.

This leads to the question: what scares the plutocrats? Is it losing an election? hahahaha. Hardly. Is it losing their wealth? Yeah, that’s a white-knuckler, since that is the source of their dark powers. But losing their lives, as we can see, is the universal limit to risk.

Marching and protest don’t work. Because they don’t inspire fear. They may warn of something to be afraid of, but that’s all.

We are failing because we’re not willing to make these jokers literally fear for their lives. Because that’s what it’s going to take to get them to the table.


The rich are only defeated (or “altruistic”) when running for their lives.

In a feudalist society, the only thing that pays political dividends - for the poor - is disruption. We are many; they are few.

They have a mercenary military/police to do their bidding; the men&women who comprise their mercenary army are our family & neighbors - we progressives gotta get them to revalue their values.


In the end this is short-sighted because who says how many more of these
viruses may descend on us –

Rather than pulling all of this together time and again, it should be a standing army
of dedicated workers under MEDICARE4ALL –

Who is challenging this thinking of the corporate-fascist supporters?


Not at all, just illustrating the difference of each.

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Sirota’s reasoning about the motivations of the powers that be is rather glib. But in any event, we should take these proposals and run with them. They can be expanded on later. BTW if Trump moves to the left of the Democrats on this he will win in a landslide. In any event, we need both Medicare for All and (this is taboo across the board) nationalization of the healthcare system.


David Sirota: powerful words in your commentary that will be nullified if you and Sanders back Biden.


After seeing Biden side with the GOP in exposing Wisconsin voters, poll workers and National Guard members to COVID-19 today, anybody supporting Biden heretofore has as much blood on their hands as Biden and GOP operatives and voters do.

Backing Biden is indeed a non-starter for anybody claiming to be the least bit progressive.


This pandemic isn’t even a blip on the oligarchies radar.
As long as there are enough of us left alive to make their lives just as comfortable and opulent as they were before, they really don’t care how we deal with Covid19.


Or Obama, W, Mayor Pete, Amy, Tom Steyer, Bloomberg, Warren etc. etc. etc.
And btw, are good ole Cheney and Rummy still alive? They used to love getting behind wars.

MSM featured (primarily) Jill Biden the other night:
Jill Biden is trying to COVER UP Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline


Wise –

**Vaccines may prove our total undoing – **

Parents pass along their immunities to their children – there is no way that anyone can
pass along an alleged immunity gained by a vaccine injection.

Repetition Warning –

“Herd Immunity” has been essential in every nation – where parents pass along their
immunities – especially women with breastfeeding – but also to the complicated system
used by nature to create continuing renewal of the Chicken Pox virus where those who
have immunity to it have that immunity renewed when they are exposed to children who
are exposed to the current wild chicken pox virus –

And now we see that because that isn’t happening due to the chicken pox virus that we
have seen an extreme number of SHINGLES cases. We have SHINGLES now because
we have a Chicken Pox vaccine. And now we also have a SHINGLES vaccine.

Meanwhile, the alleged immunities gained from vaccines also seem to come at a price of
other kinds of destruction to the bodies of our future generations. Many of them are based
on auto-immune diseases where the body is attack itself.
They are now suffering many new illnesses we must question – Juvenile Diabete, Juvenile
Arthritis, Asthma – Obesity, Cancer – on and on.

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A Nurse Bought Protective Supplies for Her Colleagues Using GoFundMe. The Hospital Suspended Her.

She raised more than $12,000 to buy and distribute protective gear for her colleagues, who say they felt inadequately protected against COVID-19. How a confrontation in one of the nation’s Coronavirus hotspots illustrates a troubling national trend.



In feudal terms: the peasantry is only allowed to be given the minimal amount of free health care that makes sure the gentry don’t get infected—nothing more.

Now sure, it would be nice to live in a country where the affluent class actually cared about the working class. That’s not America.

Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

As a Canadian, I’m curious
do mnuchins all go into the same hospital with Coronavirus
Or are there separate hospitals for those with workers’ insurance and those without??
Where do the super rich go with their platinum plans???


I am no fan of Bill Gates or Microsoft in general - I view both that company and Apple as being very sub-optimal as to where we could have taken computers and acting in ways that are or should be illegal. But with respect to Bill Gates’s interest in eradicating malaria - I don’t think he is worried about getting malaria. It is possible to both a bad person with respect to industry and a good person with respect to eradicating a disease you don’t fear (and a quite bad one that should be possible to eradicate like smallpox and polio, the latter of which we haven’t done yet but could).

As far as this story goes, I’m pretty sure public health in terms of communicable diseases is one of the main selling points used for single payer including Bernie. So it is only logical if the rich picked it up. So logically for them, they should support mandated sick leave for all employees, free testing and vaccines for all, and anything else that can be traced to a communicable disease. For the rest we have to keep fighting and come up with other reasons (I hate that it is this way, but I think most people aren’t altruistic so you have to appeal to their life being better - and make it obvious where the turnover point in income is - hopefully, it includes a clear majority of voters and then make them realize they will save net money and have less headache in their lives). I for one, view this as a positive - at least we’re making some purchase in the minds of the selfish that we didn’t have before.

If BIden is the nom - none of it will matter because he will lose regardless of who his VP is

Jill Biden is trying to COVER UP Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline

and – From Australian News !

’Biden’s cognitive issues can no longer be ignored’


HA, ya think? Around here in the seattle area Bill has always shown very clearly who he is for and anyone who missed it, he has already said he will vote for 45 instead of a progressive. Bill likes the tax breaks and also his close relationship with Novartis and Merck, among many others. I appreciate the work his foundation has done around the world for kids and vaccinations. But do not expect him to become anything other than richer.