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Top Scientist Says He Quit USDA Because Trump Admin Tried to Bury His Study on Climate and Nutrition

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/top-scientist-says-he-quit-usda-because-trump-admin-tried-bury-his-study-climate-and

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U of CS page detailing the bredath and scope of

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Bush II was guilty of these same egregious actions to quiet and ignore scientific facts as antithetical to the position of the administration to the detriment of all citizens; even the wealthy idiots that destroy Earth with their industrial practices. The Trump admin may even be worse than Bush II. To be fair Obama didn’t go near far enough to act on what these same scientists said during his reign. So now we’re f***ed. There is no turning back now as things will continue to deteriorate even more rapidly that before now. Why does the govt even employ these scientists if their research is ignored, suppressed and denied? I don’t blame the guy for quitting. Maybe he and other dissatisfied scientists can form a coalition and get this much needed info out anyway, going around the govt’s blockade, Peace


Government Of By And For Corporations.

PROFIT, PROFIT And More PROFIT is the primary purpose of this Swamp Filled Administration.

WE THE PEOPLE can go straight to Hell, while the Robber Barons exploit our cheap labor and ignore damaging Health issues in exchange for their lavish lifestyle.

What did Louis XVI and the Trump Administration have in Common?

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This is just another example of the GOP throttling up the race to return to the dark ages.

Raygun initiated the itinerary for getting back to the dark ages and his three GOP successors have each taken the implementation of that itinerary to new lows.

Didn’t Trump recently move the USDA scientists from DC to Kansas City despite there being no work space or other support for them in KC ?

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The state and federal republicons made me give up at 52, so I am impressed with Dr. Ziska’s resilience. It is hell trying to to the right thing for the People and the Planet. Best wishes, sir.

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Hi theoldgoat…
Wow, in the Trump Admin. scientists are told to dump 30 endangered species a year, each year.
Climate crisis affect rice---- but no one is supposed to be informed—so, I suppose Trump’s answer is to, " let them eat cake?"

Scientists quit rather than implode the planet. Farm animals don’t compromise the air??? Where does Trump get this stuff?

Someone who loses a farm or a business or a child to bad air a or polluted water will no doubt whack Trump------ and in his own mind, Trump probably believes he would be better off assassinated, rather the dying from his own decreed pollution. : (

many someone has to write a report about what the climate crisis will do to golf courses?

“There was a sense that if the science agreed with the politics, then the policymakers would consider it to be ‘good science,’ and if it didn’t agree with the politics, then it was something that was flawed and needed to be done again,”

That is the definition of real political correctness and as I keep saying that its republicans you define and adhere to “political correctness.” Outside of which you have no freedom of thought or speech.