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Top Senate Democrat Patty Murray: 'Hawley and Cruz Should Resign'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/08/top-senate-democrat-patty-murray-hawley-and-cruz-should-resign


Wow, Patty “tennis shoes” Murray finally shows some gumption. This is a surprise as she generally is not one for bold action. She’s been in the Senate long enough to be “Senatized”; and as a resident of Washington I consider her quite mediocre. She and the other Senator, Maria Cantwell, keep getting elected because they are way better than whatever awful Republican runs against them.

Naturally she voted for the NDAA saying it was to support the troops. Left unsaid was how it supports Boeing, and at least six major military installations in the state. Pork prevails.

They won’t resign so at least file a motion to censure instead of just talking about it.


So then all of the Senators who supported two stolen primaries against Bernie should also resign. So should Bernie because he did not say one word in objection to either stolen primary.


I heard Ro Khanna on this. He thinks Hawley, with fist-bumps for terrorists, is in a different category.

Asking people to resign doesn’t seem like anything non-futile to me. A serious move would be proposing something disciplinary such as censure, at least.


Hi Kevin_Schmidt:
Bernie was still working to get his ideas in and HE should be the Labor Secty. It was bad enough when the Hillarites pretended that they would work with him… but this Time with Biden----sounding brain dead and so slow on his responses --but SUDDENLY, he wins So Carolina and everything after that, HA! I VOTED FOR BIDEN because TRUMP WAS WORSE-----but Biden is now back at the beginning and he’d better not disappoint like he did with Anita Hill!


Boy, that’s some pretty harsh language from Patty. Do you suppose she got the OK from the Boeing boardroom before she blurted it out?
Who am I kidding? of course she did.


These two cretins together with many more of their ilk all deserve to be thrown out for their treachery and abuse of the Constitution. If you don’t want this to happen again, deal with it now and set the precedent for dealing with such matters in the future.


Apparently Hawley’s book publisher thinks his actions are in a different category also. The publisher canned his book deal, and like a snowflake, and Yale Law School flunky he cried his 1st. amendment rights had been violated. So someone had to explain the 1st amendment to him, money well spent getting his degree I guess.


finally a principled stand from Senator Murray–after some 28 years in office


These two Seditious Senators deserve to be removed along with Trump, Don Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and all of the GOP Representatives that supported the overturning of the new duly elected government about to take over on January 20th.

Their delusion and beliefs in Trump’s lies are evidence of their inability to represent the American people.


Agreed, however, what gumption does it say they should resign? Take action, do your job. Lobby your other senators to take action, fillibuster??? No courage here.

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I thought Boeing moved out of Washington?

I mistook that colon, for a comma. I thought the headline was: “Murray, Hawley and Cruz Should Resign”

Punctuation can be so important.

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WTF then you have to add lamestreet media i.e. t.v., cable, internet. They did not threaten to overthrow our duly elected government.

Exactly what I was thinking.

What Murray and every Senator needs to do, is try to bring the Senate back in session. She, Sanders, Warren, Schumer, Romney, Graham, McConnell, all agreed on one thing—to leave Washington after a violent insurrection. They did so by unanimous consent, now the Senate can’t return without it. The more I think about it, the more shameful it is.

Keep in mind, whatever the House does, it’s the Senate that actually votes to remove a president.


On November 3rd, We the People removed this criminal.

For the past 2 years, I knew he was going to do something that he could never take back.

It’s a shame we rely on the greediest, most partisan humans in our government to remove a criminal politician.

There must be a better way.


Absolutely. But when you get down to it, there’s one reason and one reason only Trump may not face a Senate trial right now: Senators left town. Sanders can talk about impeachment all he wants, but he could’ve kept the Senators present with a single vote. He (and others) chose not to. If progressives are going to yell at Nancy Pelosi, who stayed in town, has kept her people there, and is communicating with the public, surely they can spare some outrage for Senators, including Sanders.


Let’s not forget little Kevin McCarthy -----Traitor-----McCarthy led over 100 Republican House members against the will of the voters.

These Congress people know the election was legit-yet by their lies five people are dead including a Capital officer.

These Congress people voted to take away 7 million votes from the people of Pennsylvania???

And now right wing media try to blame others----and CORPORATE OVERLORDS like UTUBE push the same rightwing crap lies!!!


It does not matter because Patty Murray has been and still is a Boeing stooge.

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