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Top Senate Democrats Demand Trump Declassify Decision to Kill Soleimani and Bring US to the 'Brink of War With Iran'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/06/top-senate-democrats-demand-trump-declassify-decision-kill-soleimani-and-bring-us

The same people who gave us the AUMF and the Patriot Act? Now they want accountability? LMAO


What staggering, sickening, hilarious Dimocrapic hypocrisy! The truth is that Dimocraps APPROVED this murder when they let Sanders’ amendment to the military budget be erased from the final bill (forbidding war vs. Iran, assassinations etc.). They knew very well what the document said and meant. Don’t even listen to these lying pigs.


These hypocritical bastards fought the Iran agreement as much as Pompeo did at the time of its passing. Uncle Netty showed up on the hill with his bomb drawings pulled from old roadrunner cartoons
And Obama could not get it though congress without some name juggling and executive order manipulating. Now they are running and screaming for declassification of documents. The pentagon drew up the options and Trump stopped golfing long enough pick the worst one.These two corrupt jokers have ZERO CREDIBILITY. Their allegiance is to Israel and money. If Obama or Hillary had killed him they would be singing their praises. Democratic leadership has no moral ground.


Glad to see the Dems not buying into the lies like they did with W’s lies about Iraq.

Richard Engler of NBC in Baghdad reporting about 1:20 PM ET.
He critic the Iraq constitution !!
As weak, wishy washy.

Just more evidence that MSNBC is government news.

No one gives a flying fuck about Menendez and Schumer’s dog and pony show, least of all Trump.

These two were, are, and will be warmongers doing whatever Bibi demands, while waving their hands about process – the fecklessness and corruption of the Democrats can never overestimated.

And I’ll go one step further: My respect for AO-C and Bernie is diminished by their willingness to put a D after their names. The fecklessness and corruption taint anyone associated with it.

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It sure would be nice if we had a legitimate and STRONG third/opposition party.

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It seems the only “accountability” they want is to have been let in on the murders so they could have APPROVED IT!

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We’ll see the declassified decision to kill Soleimani at the same time trump willingly hands over all his past income taxes to the public.


Actually, the tax returns do not provide the financial details that you want to know. For example: who rents and purchases his apartments world wide. He does not actually own all that much. His main income is from management fees and cost plus. This is why his son can sit there, do nothing, and the loot rolls in.

About six months ago, his son-in-law’s company borrowed about 700 million from somebody in the middle east. That is not on the tax return except the interest expense, which they are likely not paying.

you aware of the recent developments in the deutsche bank case that indicate with out a doubt that the state-owned and FSB-controlled VT bank underwrote all of mr trump’s “loans” (ie: money laundering for mr putin), yes?


Where were the demands on GW Bush to release classified information when he was making his case to attack Iraq in the first place.?

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How angry were we when Hans Blix and other weapons inspectors insisted that there were no WMD. Yet Bush/Cheney were allowed to thumb their noses at the inspectors.

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The strong suspicion that russian guys close to Putin provided the co-sign on the trump loans.

Caused / still causes Trump close to Putin problems for America.

Treason should be on the table.
The totally backward middle east muddle provides Putin influence there and we are outside, looking in.
We have notified Iraq that our soldiers are leaving their country. I do not know about our air fierce or contractors there.

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