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Top Six Trump Admin. Crimes That Ought to Bring Indictments

Top Six Trump Admin. Crimes That Ought to Bring Indictments

Juan Cole

"Somebody should lock these creeps up."

Scott Pruitt met with the CEO of Dow Chemical last spring. Twenty days later, he decided not to ban Dow’s chlorpyrifos pesticide from being sprayed on food.

As I remember the Republicans did not impeach Bill Clinton for perjury as it says here, but for a cover-up to buy Monica Lewinski’s silence. Supposedly he arranged to get her a job in NYC so she would keep quiet. When it went to the Senate it became clear that there was no cover-up and no attempt to buy her silence. It was routine procedure to help interns get jobs after they leaving the White House by trying to get them job interviews. Because the Senate found no wrongdoing Clinton was not removed from office even though he was impeached in the House. He did commit perjury as a witness in a trial but that was not related to his impeachment. The Republicans in the House impeached him on pure speculation without conducting any kind of thorough investigation.

No, Clinton did not commmit perjury because the Lewinsky statements were not material to the matter under investigation.

Indict them all and put them in Guantanamo as enemy combatants for a couple years to cool their heels.

Then, perhaps a trial could be held to determine their rights going forward.


Serious crimes, to be sure – but relatively minor compared to the War Crimes committed by Cheney, Rummy, Rove, Yoo et al that resulted in the torture of hundreds and the deaths of tens of thousands.   And Mnuchin is only one of dozens who should be imprisoned for the financial crimes that led to the Bush Recession in 2008.


Fester: Ja, if the W crowd evaded indictment for what they unleashed, there’s no way Don’s wrecking crew will be punished in any meaningful way.

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I guess there is disagreement over whether or not he committed perjury.

No, there’s not ‘disagreement’ here -only wilfull ignorance.

The elements of the federal crime of perjury are what they are- and in Clinton’s situation, they were not satisfied as a matter of law.

Since it’s come to this, I’ll also add that there seems to be an aspect in your posts that suggests (like Breitbart sorts) that you believe your opinion is somehow equivalent to objective fact.

It is not.

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Clinton’s impeachment for lying about a blow job was a side show to distract the Amerikan sheeple from the truth about what the deep state was doing in the Kosovo region, much like the “Russia did it!” side show going on now. Meanwhile, back in Congress, they’re screwing We the People with unprecedented deregulation of corporate control over every aspect of our lives. Amerika’s biggest security threat is the US Government, which is also the biggest threat to planetary survival.


Uncle Fester - You can include the Obushma administration in that large list of war crimes.

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Maybe we should be more concerned about collusion with their fellow Americans?


Why in Hell are we dragging Slick Willie (and, by association, Hilliary) into this discussion?   Neither of the Crooked Clintons currently hold public office (thank goodness!), so neither is a Clear & Present Danger to the survival of what little is left of “our” democracy. Tweetle-Dumb DOES hold office, and IS a Clear & Present Danger – not only to democracy, but to civilization itself.  Unfortunately, removing him would result in a Pence presiduncy – a lesser danger to civilization but greater danger to democracy.