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Top Syrian Official Says US Has 'Absolutely No Right' to Occupy or Plunder Nation's Oil Fields

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/26/top-syrian-official-says-us-has-absolutely-no-right-occupy-or-plunder-nations-oil


It’s an invasion, pure and simple. We will have earned whatever blowback ensues.


Now now, white people of European descent never steal stuff. They only take back what was always theirs. Trump has openly stated the USA is entitled to that Oil just as those first Colonists arriving in the Americas claimed they entitled to all of the Americas.


From the article:

"Our land should be totally and completely liberated from foreign occupiers, whether they are terrorists, or the Turks, or the Americans."(emphasis mine)

Isn’t that redundant?


Follow the money and resource profits, and you find that our “brave heroes” in the American war crimes organization and private mercenary armies aren’t “defending our freedoms,” they’re stealing resources, land, freedom, power, water, and other commodities.
American Empire is enforced by our military, the brutal instrument of hegemony and American exceptionalism.


I don’t think Syria’s regular desert rats with assistance from Russia and Iran would have any problem taking out 600 illegal occupiers and reclaiming their property. No major oil company signed on to steal Syria’s oil and there is no sign that any US company is willing to participate in this grand theft oil. The US either wants to keep the oil from the Syrian people or transport and sell the oil to a third party to undercut Russia’s oil pipeline agreements in the region.


Not sure exactly what American military is doing re: oil i.e. beyond leverage negotiation with Assad, Russia, etc.

This is a massive understatement. We have had no right going anywhere and committing war except for maybe a few months in Afghanistan after 9-11.
We have illegally occupied the middle-east since then, murdered and tortured, maimed and created emotional damage to a generation.
The oil part is the least of it.


Every time I think that I can’t possibly feel more shame for this country’s insanity and “terrorism”, something else comes along.


Shouldn’t THAT have been Saudi Arabia?!


"…and spread out the wealth."

I see. Trump is a “socialist” for the corporations.


Neither…but hindsight is always 20:20

Of course Syria’s response here seems to be connected to Trump’s comments criticizing Syria’s successful Idlib offensive… which is a response to NATO allie Turkey’s concerns… also see Iran… Israel etc…what a clusterfu//


Or possibly White House regulars. If we believe in the conspiracy theory.
Strange we didn’t bother with those known training areas in Afghanistan prior to 9-11. I guess they were unimportant then.
Saudi Arabia may never be thoroughly figured out.

Well, I figured out, they flew the planes and “W” let their Bush-loving pals leave the country even though there was a “no fly” in affect.


Trump is chickenshit, call his bluff. If the Syrians took the oil fields back what is he going to do, start a war with Syria because they wouldn’t let him steal their oil? I’m sure that would garner a lot of world support…not.

Anytime Syrian troops have approached Al Tanf base or American troops they’ve been blown to bits

If Saudi Arabia was responsible for placing all the explosives in the three buildings.

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It is criminal. We are stealing. I served a long time ago and I’m no hero. I enlisted to try to save my ass from dying in Nam, which I did but not because of what i did. War are insanity. Everything goes sideways. Humans are fighting for one more breath, to go home and everything is a free kill zone. It is criminal and it is why we should never have been doing it and they bank their tax free war profits overseas while demanding our allegiance. It is betrayal for cash and it is criminal.
I am far from the brightest but usually if it quacks and walks like a duck it may be a duck. The military stays together because of one thing. Allegiance. Think about it. Hundreds of thousands armed who follow orders for one reason, allegiance. Without allegiance (patriotism to civilians) the trust ideal does not exist and chaos ensues, ironically, not unlike blind faith in religion. We exist and the corporate war machine because of allegiance. When trust goes, so goes America. Have a good holiday. We are betrayed and hopefully we will prevail for good. peace.


The only way, physically, to take back the oil fields is to kill the American troop occupiers or kill their supply line suppliers (both air and ground transport), which is just the excuse the Pentagon would like to start a full-fledged destruction of what’s left of Syria’s infrastructure.

Face it: The American troops and their allies in Syria are terrorists. “Thank your for your service, not.”


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:
LOl, well if wants oil that badly, maybe someone should fly over Mar- A- Largo and deliver it from the first act of Trump’s Space Force. It will ruin Mar-A-Largo, but isn’t Florida supposed to be underwater soon anyway?