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Top Three Ways London’s Sadiq Khan Is a Better Leader than Donald Trump


Top Three Ways London’s Sadiq Khan Is a Better Leader than Donald Trump

Juan Cole

Sadiq Khan as mayor of London is the opposite of Trump in every way. Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Khan is a second-generation emigrant whose father drove a bus. Trump hates immigrants and Muslims (though of course there is a sense in which Trump is a 2nd-generation immigrant as well, since his mother was from Scotland). Khan is both the child of immigrants and a Muslim.

Sadiq Khan is a far better leader than Trump, with his priorities straight.


Sadiq Khan on his worst day is a better person and leader than trump in every way; trump’s not worth his spit!

The malignant ego/mental illness of trump makes him jealous of Sadiq Khan and thus attack him. trump hates Khan for being popular and respected by a vast majority; a man of integrity, wisdom, truth and vision for a sustainable future for all - for his quality being all the things trump is not, and never will or could be…

Sadiq is so very unlike trump who has little support outside his neo-fascist white-supremacist racist, and mindless idiot “base” - a very shallow person with little intelligence, no humility, no education, no respect for others, no experience outside his corrupt “business empire” of fraud and manipulation, no wisdom or integrity, and one that doesn’t care about anything of substance.

The Scots protesting his visit and their signs of utter contempt spoke the truth of trump’s lack of any character…America is the laughing-stock of the world under trumps regime from Hell and the RepubliCon Congress of depraved fools…


I don’t doubt the leadership ability of Sadiq Khan, the points brought up the the article proves that, but using Trump as a benchmark, is a bar so low almost anyone would clear it.


Fear of the “different”. The foul pap the Game-Show-Host-In-Chief feeds his ever more frightened supporters daily.

"Home of the brave?"

Nah. Not anymore.


This guy is part of the Liberal establishment, which means he has a pretty good chance at being PM, and doing nothing.


And number four - Sadiq Khan isn’t an agent of Russia.