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Top Trump Advisors Propose Expanding 15-Year Afghanistan War


Top Trump Advisors Propose Expanding 15-Year Afghanistan War

Nika Knight, staff writer

America's longest war isn't ending anytime soon—in fact, it's about to expand.

President Donald Trump's top military advisors have put forth a plan to boost U.S. troop numbers in Afghanistan by 3,000 to 5,000, the Washington Post reported late Monday. The U.S. currently has 8,400 troops in Afghanistan.


Another proof positive that Trump is merely a heartless figurehead who doesn’t actually know what he is doing. This plan leaves it up to the military to decide when to increase troop numbers etc.

So much for our figurehead in chief. The problem is that our system was designed by the founders to have civilian control of the military. Trump is undoing our democracy and remaking it into a “Trump’s USA” version instead. Seems about time we begin to speak of Neoprussians as well as Neoliberals.


“I cannot believe that this is an actual headline in the 16th year of the Longest War in the History of the Republic.” - Dem Party Arm MSNBC’s Chris Hayes

Didn’t hammer Obama much when a DEM was pushing the buttons.


I can hear the stampede of a giant army leaving Europe for Afghanistan at the beck and call of the great US general iTrumpet.

Heck, contributions of Nato troops and European money will probably be so huge that the US will be able to sit back and sell tickets for profitable Hollywood propaganda movies.


Yes, by all means. let’s keep that Multi-Billion/Trillion dollar Heroine pipeline going-
How many of these troops will be guarding the poppy planting and harvest that supplies the world with Narcotics? Can’t let the “Taliban” mess it up again!
Afghanistan is much to do about this devastating drug, which is pure profit for “Dope Inc.”…


We have not won a war since WWII. Wisdom is knowing when to stop! It’s innocent civilians and the young who are dying by the thousands not the Bushes or Trumps or even the Generals. Bring our people home and learn what it is to ‘MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS’ We can’t run our own country but we are telling others how to run theirs?


Money, money, money and more money. Money for the drugs they import, money for the weapons for the war in Afghanistan, money for the drug war on Americans, and money for prisons for those who use the drugs they import. The US is a corrupt piece of crap that profits greatly from drugs, death, and destruction. It didn’t start with the Cheeto, and it won’t end with him, unless he gets us blown to bits with his ego and complete lack of sense. Daddy Shrub started the drug war on Americans under Raygun, another corrupt, Idiot in Chief.


You may be interested in a book by Saul David called “Military Blunders”. The first chapter is about the first Afghan war, [1838to 1842]. The British General was described as"the most incompetent soldier to be found among the officers of the requisite rank". In 1842 he began a retreat from Kabul. Of 16,000, one quarter being European, a handful of soldiers reached safety in Jalalabad. Only one European, Mr, Bryden, a surgeon, was included in the survivors.
The Afghans were described as ‘the best marksmen in the world’
Can anybody remember why the United States is fighting in Afghanistan.
God Bless Mohamed Ali for not going to Viet Nam.


The US shadow government/deep state needs the poppy profits rolling in.


“Man is the only Patriot. He sets himself apart in his own country, under his own flag, and sneers at the other nations, and keeps multitudinous uniformed assassins on hand at heavy expense to grab slices of other people’s countries, and keep them from grabbing slices of his. And in the intervals between campaigns he washes the blood of his hands and works for “the universal brotherhood of man”- with his mouth.

– The Lowest Animal by Mark Twain


I agree with your comment, except to add that, as per Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, in a 1994 Harper’s Magazine interview, the War on Drugs was started as a political ploy by the Nixon Administration to neutralize the Black Vote, and the Anti-War Movement.

It’s also worth noting that the Bushes, indeed, were tied up with Nixon, as Grandpa Prescott Bush personally plucked Nixon out of obscurity to run against Cal Rep Jerry Voorhees, then slated to Chair a Congressional Investigation into Prescott’s financial involvement with the Nazis during WWII, as per Russ Baker’s Bush Family expose “Family of Secrets”.


Well the employment opportunities will continue for poor kids like my brother. At least he got a nice military funeral and all that shit.


Sincere condolences, Deinols_Mandolin.