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Top Trump Aide Accused of Breaking Criminal Conflict of Interest Law


Top Trump Aide Accused of Breaking Criminal Conflict of Interest Law

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Another member of President Donald Trump's inner circle may have blurred ethical lines, this time by breaking criminal conflict of interest laws.


And the GOP-controlled Congress wants to abolish the OGE...wonder of wonders! When the lights come on, the rats scurry. Congress wants to keep the lights OFF.

Lidell was just trying to protect his "interests."


Breaking laws is not "blurring ethical lines." It's terrible that less than 60 days into this administration, we find ourselves saying "Again?" and "Again?" and "Again?" And then the flat-out stupidities that take up the time of Congress (and ours). And the uncounted spending to protect djt's scattered family as they go about their own business. When will it break?


It seems to me that all i read on CD is how we've gotten screwed news, it is pretty depressing. Nobody is welling to rise up and organize a huge demonstrations these days which is what it will take to stop the runaway Trump train.


As we see, so far none of these conflicts of interest ("criminal" or not) are making one bit of difference as to whether Don continues to perpetrate his colossal fraud.
Delightfully ironic...that if his fellow Republicans don't stand up for the country (aside from wearing flag pins, that is), our democracy will continue to take the purposeful hits.


Is this what you call giving the country back to the people, or draining the swamp?


I would also would like to express my deepest concern for this runaway train. It needs to be derailed sooner than later!!!


Ya, right, I'm sure they'll get right on that. The illegalities are flying right and left and letters and lawsuits abound but no one seems to have the authority to stop it. Or the political will.
We can see the criminality and you know the congress can too. who among them will stand for this country over their party loyalty? Hell we can't even get democrats to stand firmly against anything and make a difference.
Seems to me when Repugs were in the minority they just stopped any ole thing they didn't like. Democrats can't seem to find the testicular fortitude to make a strong showing. WTF If they don't want to fight it in reality they must want to go along with it. May they all sink with Trump and the stink he will have on him after this mess.
We need to get out of this two party system and look at our government differently. They don't own it you know, we do.


All these "oversights" cannot be accidental. There is a climate developing that would put a twentieth century dictator to shame. Not only has our"socalled" president not evidenced any interest in promoting his better campaign promises but he has stocked the swamp with fetid water sharks. He is now in the process of allowing them to feed on whatever is handy.


To me it seems like draining the American people and giving them the swamp.


The Women's March was pretty huge; we see the difference that made.


Nice. Nice. Very nice.


You people just Do Not 'Get It', do you?   Even IF there is a non-partisan investigation, and even IF there is a trial, and even IF there is a conviction, this guy – like ALL of Tweetle-Dumb's fellow criminals – will never serve a day in prison.   He'll get a Presiduncial Pardon.   So will any member of the Mafia, or any Drug Lord, or any multi-millionaire white-collar Bankster, etc., etc. and so forth, who can afford a $200,000 membership in Mar-A- Lago and a two-week stay (at $100,000 a night) in one of Trump's many hotels.  These aren't really bribes, you know, 'cause they're legitimate "business deals".

There's no point prosecuting ANY of these shysters so long as Twitler remains in power!


Breaking Laws in order to enrich themselves is what Robber Barons have done for hundreds of years.

The unchecked spending on the Trump extended family will not stop until Trump is impeached, imprisoned, he quits, or he dies.

Let's all pray for our salvation from this criminal family.


Have some faith. In a country where EVERY politician, EVERY police officer, and EVERY military person has taken an oath "to protect and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC", there is bound to be, somewhere, at least one person left who takes his/her oath seriously. Do remember that all it took to bring down the corrupt Nixon regime was ONE hair from the head of ONE honest security guard, at the Watergate Complex in Washington. Using a bit of saliva for the "glue, the guard stuck his hair across the gap between a door and the door jamb, and continued his rounds. When he returned, the hair had been moved, proving someone had entered. Police found a break-in underway at the Democratic National Headquarters and made arrests. Nixon may or may not have ordered the break-in, but he took part in the cover-up, costing him the Presidency.

That was Wily King Richard, who at least had a brain, but he still went down. Donny and his clowns have only their corruption to lean on. They, too, will crash and burn, and not a moment too soon. Try to not panic. With every day that goes by the size of their coming crash grows larger. Think about it! Talk about it! Dream about it! Every business partner Trump screwed over, every employee he ripped off, every creditor he swindled, every renter he cheated out of a damage deposit, and now every voter he lied to: all agree the time has come for him to get his due. All those pirates who sail with him will join him in "walking the plank", and vultures will eat their vulturous flesh.


Trump would call this "smart". So it is unlikely that anything will happen. Considering Trump has been in violation from day one. Right now it looks like if they don't step down, they keep their job. All Trump has to say is the media is being mean, or deny it.


Excellent, well-written comment...light at the end of the darkening tunnel!