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Top Trump Aide Calls Environmental Movement 'The Greatest Threat to Freedom'


Top Trump Aide Calls Environmental Movement 'The Greatest Threat to Freedom'

Nika Knight, staff writer

Close advisor to President Donald Trump and avowed climate change denier Myron Ebell characterized the environmental movement on Monday as "the greatest threat to freedom and prosperity in the modern world," and promised that the U.S. would soon withdraw from the Paris climate accord.


Greatest threat to: PROFITS!


Ecocide is Freedom. Orwell is rolling in his grave.



My first irrational thought would be that Mar-Largo (Trump's compound in Florida) be the first to go under water. However, too many innocent people would suffer so immediately I let go of that wish. However, that would of been a Trump thought, IRRATIONAL.

I don't want Trump impeached, I want the whole republican party impeached. Pence and McConnel and Ryan are just as bad as Trump.


The aren't talking about "freedom," they are talking "laissez-faire," which is allowing every jerk to maximize profits at everyone else's expense. It's a sort of 17th century version of capitalism, and we all know how that went. I can see genocide in our future on a massive scale if these loonies aren't stopped.


Clearly this white nationalist movement that Trump and Bannon are leading is extremely dangerous since it is completely irrational. Since actual facts and statistics don't matter to these people they are capable of believing anything. So there is virtually no limit on what they do. They deny all information compiled by climate scientists that show the world is literally on the verge of catastrophe with the next two decades being absolutely critical for avoiding the worst. Freedom is not going to mean much during a massive population crash after the average global temperature exceeds 4C.


Trump needs to be put on an island by himself until he can digest the following sentiment:

When the last tree is cut,
the last fish is caught,
and the last river is polluted;
when to breathe the air is sickening,
you will realize, too late,
that wealth is not in bank accounts
and that you can't eat money.

(I hear that Saint Helena is nice this time of year...)


Threat to freedom is code for freedom to rape the land and people of this country. They are sick and with that sickness comes a death wish. When profit overcomes the basic instinct for survival you have a collection of very mentally unstable people, a Kakistocrocy, pardon spelling, rule by the most infirm. If these people aren't stopped I fear a civil war.


The absolutely paleolithic levels of superstitious anti-science, anti-reason irrationality in Mr. Ebell's statement are the most frightening thing I've seen in my life. One probably has to go back to the 6th century Europe, if not the paleolithic itself, to see people under the sway of such superstition, and irrationality.


But Hillary would have been sooooo much worse! She is the more effective evil®.


Once again I recall the late James Baldwin saying that Americans talk more about freedom and sex while knowing the least of either. That climate activists are seen as a threat is truly Kafkaesk.


We have been expecting the ginger chimp to turn his ignorant-ill-educated eyes toward the environment. We will have to unify as never before to thwart this extremist idiot "business-man", with the shallowest understanding of all else, especially science, a vision of only profits and exploitation. His arrogance and insanity is the destruction of government protecting and securing rights and justice for all, the Common Good, and sustainable environment - all we hold dear - our common environment sold to the highest bidder for plunder and common greed!

This completely odious person, as well as his chosen co-conspirators, are the clear and present danger we are warned against. A threat to our nation all life on Earth!


Capitalism was not around in the 17th century. I assume you mean the 19th century (especially the latter part and into the 1920s)? Although, come to think of it, the ultimate end-point of so-called "libertarian" capitalism is a sort of feudalism that was still around in the 17th century.


Better civil war that Total Climate Catastrophe. The only good news I can see at the moment is that Trump is managing to piss off just about everybody. Even TPTB aren't going to like the Trumping down of the stock market.


Go ahead you exquisitely dumb f***s, continue to destroy the planetary ecosystem and wipe out thousands of species including your own. You Myron belong in either a nut house, or prison or...


These guys are truly horrific, as to becoming surreal. It feels like living in an over the top bloodthirsty comedy. At the same time this crowd is so out of control that one cannot help but believe that they are digging their own graves at a blistering pace. Or, to mix metaphors, the political supermajority is allowing for a ‘freespooling’ of all the rope they need to entangle and hang themselves. One can only hope.


These people just don't know how to equate anything in terms other than profit.


Per rump impeachment....you gotta start somewhere.


That's what I don't understand. Where are the profits for the corps when nobody has enough money to buy anything but the most basic of necessities. Shouldn't they be in the forefront of at least keeping the status quo? Because what we are seeing right now has nothing to do with keeping things the same, let alone moving forward. This is full scale regression and beyond to chaos.


These facts that you mention here Lrx, and the fact that our so called elected officials are 'intentionally' endangering every man, woman, and child with their actions should warrant arrest and prosecution and incarceration. The task of making this happen falls to all of us, We the People, or our Military and Law Enforcement.